125 Years of Adding Flavour to Food- Mahesh Value Products Ltd

Business Wire India
Tasty Tasty TT brand from Mahesh Value Products Ltd (MVPL) has been part of South India’s culinary landscape for over a century – since 1895 to be precise. Tasty Tasty TT asafoetida, the flagship category of Tasty Tasty TT brand is one of the oldest food brands in the country that has completed 125 years of trust and heritage. TT Appalam and TT Cold Pressed oils are the brand extensions of Tasty Tasty TT.
Mahesh Value Products Limited is proud to own some of the brands that have successfully become an indispensable part of customers’ lives. These brands have successfully withstood increasing demands from consumers and the test of times, doing what they do best – Creating Value.
Other brands of MVPL include Stumper and SiXiT. STUMPER is a brand that any ardent cricket lover in India would relate to. Rubber balls branded ‘STUMPER’ have ruled the roost in playing fields all over India. STUMPER has helped shaped the cricketing dreams of many in the country. Products under STUMPER brand include cricket balls, cricket kits, shoes, cricket bats, tennis balls, etc. SiXiT, another brand from MVPL produces cricket tennis balls and other cricketing goods. SiXiT products are innovative, engineered and tested to be the best in class giving an unmatched performance.
The products are manufactured at the village near Manalur, located in the district of Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu. The equipment and machinery incorporate the latest technological advances and employs rigorous quality control processes, which explains the high rate of production.  The development of the products has not come at the cost of nature. Eco-friendly processes, installation of waste management systems and appropriate monitoring procedures have ensured that the environment stays pristine.