ABB India Flags off Energy Efficiency Movement, Launches Industry First IE5 Motors in the Country, Which Can Save up to 40 Percent in Energy Consumption

Business Wire India

  • ABB’s #energyefficiencymovement is a multi-stakeholder initiative to raise awareness and initiate action to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions to combat climate change
  • Introduces ‘synchronous reluctance motor technology and drive package’ that takes energy standards to IE5 level in India
  • Partners with ‘Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy’ (AEEE) to champion the cause of sustainable technologies
  • ABB India’s 10 years of motors and drives installed base saved nearly 12 terra-watt hours of electricity, equivalent to 1% of India’s annual energy consumption
As Energy efficiency becomes a center point in reducing climate change risks, the need to promote adoption of sustainable technologies gain greater significance. ABB India is playing an active role in leading this movement, by bringing stakeholders together and offering solutions that can help in achieving energy goals.

Decarbonizing industries with a focus on SMEs

While industries are the economic growth engines, they account for around one-fourth of the total greenhouse gas emissions.

“Driving carbon neutrality would not only help India meet its net-zero targets but would also help in adopting a green economic model on a large scale. At ABB, we are working closely with both large industries and the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to accomplish their energy goals,” said Sanjeev Arora, President, Motion Business, ABB India Ltd. “Our technologically superior motors, drives, and digital technologies facilitate industries, buildings, and infrastructure sector to optimize operations while reducing environmental impact,” he added.

Keeping the world turning, while saving energy every day!

Over the past 10 years, ABB’s installed base of motors and drives in India has saved nearly 12 terra-watt hours of electricity. ABB is determined to achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations by 2030. While leading by example, ABB is also creating an impact by enabling its customers operating in different industrial segments, to reduce carbon footprint. ABB has helped Wonder Cement – a leading cement manufacturing company in Rajasthan with its regenerative solution to save close to 2 giga-watt hours which is equivalent to monthly energy consumption of over 9000 Indian households or 1400 tons of CO₂.

ABB has also been playing a major role in other segments like pharma and F&B. For a leading chemical company, Alufloride Ltd., in Visakhapatnam, ABB offered 200 kW AC regenerative drive that feeds back the braking energy to the grid. The solution saved 66MWh of energy annually – which is equivalent to
Rs. 4 Lakhs of electricity consumption and provided better power quality. This solution was delivered in collaboration with the centrifuge manufacturer D. Parikh Engineering Works.

Introducing the best available motor efficiency technology for Indian customers

India has IE2 as minimum efficiency classification for motors; however, globally most industrial motors are at IE3 and many organizations have moved to IE5 ultra-premium efficiency motors. ABB India has taken the lead and has launched the latest technology in motor efficiency with IE5 ultra-premium efficiency EC Titanium™ and SynRM motor-drive package. ABB’s IE5 motors offer up to 40% lower energy losses compared to IE3 motors, as well as significantly lower energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. By pairing IE5 SynRM motor with drive, the customers can achieve higher energy savings, reduce cost, and improve production.

“India, at the COP26 conference has pledged to cut its emissions to net-zero by 2070. Industrial sector is going to play a critical role in achieving this target. The nation can set an example by taking measures to establish a roadmap that will advance the implementation of energy efficient technologies and strengthen synergies among the stakeholders. The combination of premium efficiency motors, as well as energy-saving drives, is critical for the sustainable future of industries,” said Morten Wierod, President ABB Motion and Chairman, ABB India Ltd.
Partnership with ‘Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy’ (AEEE)

In its endeavor to engage with stakeholders and create larger impact with awareness initiatives, ABB India has partnered with AEEE – an organization of high repute and commendable body of work around energy efficiency. “We are delighted to partner with ABB India in its commitment towards achieving net-zero through energy efficiency. Together, we aim to push the commitment, and strengthen the cause of energy efficiency and sustainable technologies through shared insights and solutions,” said Dr. Satish Kumar, President & Executive Director, AEEE.