AP Guru’s IVY League Educated Team Helping Students with Their University Admissions

Business Wire IndiaAP Guru is the global leader in the Education Industry. AP Guru announced today that the company would start counseling students to help them gain admission to the best universities in the world.
An admissions counselor can supplement the school counselor’s efforts by providing additional personalized guidance throughout the college admissions process. Here admission counselor will work with students to develop a balanced college list, helping them create an activity list. They will help students prepare for interviews and college visits, explaining the admissions process, and helping with brainstorming and editing components of the application.
AP Guru guides students and their families through every step of the admissions process so they can identify the schools which are the best academic and social fits for them; then, they will work with students to help them portray the best and most comprehensive representation of who they are to the admissions committees of their chosen schools.
So, the question comes down to: do they guarantee that students have the best chance of getting accepted by using AP Guru’s services? Absolutely. Do they ensure that students will get admitted? Not. Securing admission is impossible as they cannot control what goes on in the admissions office. But they guarantee that students who engage with their counselors will leave this process with a better understanding of who they are, what they hope to accomplish, and how to succeed in school and beyond.
The AP Guru team includes full-time and part-time consultants who contribute as teachers, counselors, curriculum developers, designers, and admins. The entire team is integral in ensuring that their students get the very best prep and counseling. They have developed a team of 40+ individuals, and all focus is on helping students study abroad. Their tutors aren’t just intelligent test-takers; they’re talented teachers with the experience to help students reach the highest potential.
They are driven by innovative technology. Their technology connects with invaluable educational resources, lets students gain learning insights, and effectively prepares students for competitive entrance exams like SAT and ACT, which will ultimately help them succeed in the future.
“Quality education can unlock the potential of India’s young population and drive the country ahead in today’s information age,” says, Chirag Arya, Founder of AP Guru.
AP Guru’s mission is to use innovation and technology to provide a holistic educational program to beat the admissions odds so that their applicants will stand out. Whether a student is new to college or wants to learn advanced strategies, AP Guru is the hub for college admissions, and everything related to the process.
AP Guru’s expert team, with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, has devised a highly organized approach to help students gain admission to the best universities in the world include:
Six-stage plan to assist students
Stage 1: Application strategy

  • Psychometric analysis
  • Major Selection
  • Internship experience
  • As a part of college admissions, AP Guru expert team will help students create a profile that will help them strategize their admissions

Stage 2: Candidate Profiling

  • Research paper guidance
  • Interdisciplinary venture
  • Capstone project
  • Help them shortlist their university list to come up with an excellent list

Stage 3: University Selection

  • Interest, major, & school exploration
  • Reach-Match-Safety Choices
  • Financial aid strategy
  • Help them create an accurate and great common app

Stage 4: Application Form

  • Recommendation guidance
  • Strategically elaborating EC’s & Honor
  • Resume, LinkedIn Profile Creation
  • As a part of student’s college admissions, brainstorm and create their college essays

Stage 5: Essay

  • Pre-writing research
  • Brainstorming
  • Scratch to Perfection
  • Conducting mock interviews for students

Stage 6: Interview

  • Research
  • Mock interviews
  • Presentation style and delivery