Bharatatma Ved Awards Conferred to Vedic Scholars in the Memory of Ashokji Singhal, Call for Vedas’s Awakening Among New Generation

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  • Lectures of Vedic knowledge in easy language will increase the interest of the youth towards the Vedas. The renaissance of the Vedas will contribute to the preservation of Indian honor and pride: Shri Om Birla, Speaker, Lok Sabha
  • Highest National Veda Award in the Vedic field.
  • Renaissance of Vedas in India will contribute to keeping our self-respect, pride and identity intact: Swami Govinddevgiriji
  • “Need to preserve Vedas for future generations and Singhal Foundation is doing a commendable job,” Mr. Bibek Debroy

In the memory of Shri Ashokji Singhal, Bharatatma Veda Puraskar has been conferred to Ved Scholars at Chinmaya Mission, New Delhi. The main objective of the Veda Awards is to recognize excellence in the Vedic field. It is the highest national Veda award in the Vedic field which is given annually in four categories of Uttam Veda Vidyarthi, Adarsh Vedadhyapak, Uttam Veda Vidyalaya and Vedarpit Jeevan Puraskar. In which three, five, seven and five lakh rupees have been provided respectively.

Among the winners, Atul Laxman Sitapati, Krishna Madhukar Palaskar, Laxmikant Dixit, Anand Ratnakar Joshi, Gullapally Sitaramachandra Murthy, BK Laxminarayan Bhatt were awarded for their contribution towards Vedas. Pune Ved Pathshala and Shri Shankar Gurukul Ved Pathshala were also awarded.

Param Pujya Swami Govinddevgiriji, while referring to the renaissance of the Vedas in his address, said, “The renaissance of the Vedas in India will contribute to keeping our self-respect, pride and identity intact. Our youth will have to become Vedas scholars. Vedas are not only for rituals. Rather, we have to move forward for the promotion of cultural values. We have to adopt modernization without adopting westernisation.”

Chief Guest Shri Om Birla, Speaker, Lok Sabha, said, “Swami Giri ji has dedicated his entire life to the Vedas. I thank the Singhal family for preserving and spreading the Vedas. Vedic Education, Indian Culture and Ancient Culture cannot be forgotten. The task of spreading the knowledge of Vedas to the country and the world is not easy. Even after the rule of thousands of years of foreign invaders, our culture is stable. It is necessary to spread the knowledge of Vedas in the future generations. When we are in India If we talk about becoming a Vishwa Guru, then only the youth will make India a Vishwa Guru. Today we are seeing the truth that our youth are doing the work of solving every problem inside India.”

Shri Salil Singhalji, Trustee, Singhal Foundation said, “Vedas are the oldest scriptures in the world and these texts provide solution to every problem of mankind, as well as pave the way for the welfare of the people. It is a matter of great happiness that After a gap of two years, now this Bharatatma Veda award was presented in the presence of revered saint Shri Govinddev Giriji.”

The special guest of the program, Mr. Bibek Debroy, Chairman, Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, in his address said, “The education of Vedas is very important among the youth. Atheism is afflicted in the modern consciousness of some youth. But It is good to see this awakening of large number of youths here. There is a need to preserve Vedas for future generations and Singhal Foundation is doing a commendable job in this initiative.”

Bharatatma Veda Puraskar was instituted in 2017. The first series of awards were presented in 2017. These awards are given every year in the month of September/October.

Applications were invited from all over the country for the third and fourth series of awards in the year-2020 and the year-2021, but due to the Covid outbreak, these awards could not be given in the last two years.
Shri Laxmikant Dixit from Banaras was awarded ‘Vedarpit Jeevan Purskar-2020′ said, “I am very happy today, having been awarded on such a big platform, it seems that all the efforts we are making for the awakening of Vedas are in the right direction with the blessings of all the Gurus. This award definitely inspires me to dedicate my life to the Vedas.” 
Shri Atul Laxman Sitapati from Maharashtra who won ‘Utkrist Ved Vidyarthi – Best Sanskrit Student 2020’ said, “It’s a proud moment for Maharashtra. The country’s highest Vedic award, ‘Bharatatma Ashokji Singhal Veda Puraskar’ for best students, best teacher and best school was awarded to Student, School and Teacher of Veda. It inspires us to work more harder and spread teachings of Vedas not only in Maharashtra but in other states of India too.” 

Sanjay Singhal, Trustee of Singhal Foundation presented vote of thanks. He thanked the Chief Guest Shri Om Birla, Special Guest Shri Bibek Debroy, Swami Giri Ji and all the honored winners.

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