Biplob’s Latest Book Fosters a Love for Nature Among Kids Through an Epic Fun Tale

Business Wire India
Biplob World, the creator of children’s content that entertains & teaches at the same time, launched their latest BIPLOB THE BUMBLEBEE book. ‘THE ELEPHANT ALARM’ is the sixth book in the ‘Adventures of Biplob the Bumblebee’ series.
While the previous 5 titles have all been a collection of short stories, the 6th volume moves away from this norm. Instead of three independent short stories, it comprises of one epic tale narrated in three different chapters. In Abhishek, the author’s, words, “On one hand this is a gradual introduction to longer format stories for children. On the other, it gives us the canvas to touch upon several environmental & developmental issues that need amplification.”
The book itself is a roller-coaster tale with the introduction of 3 new principal characters. Besides the much-loved Biplob the Bumblebee, Addy, Avantika and farmer Balram, young readers get to meet Munmun the queen bee, David the worker bee and Karini the elephant.
“Our stories are such that they inculcate a love for nature and the environment in children. Through them we introduce kids to basic environmental science, concepts and life skills in a highly entertaining & non – intrusive format. The character names reflect the same philosophy,” said Abhishek, adding, “For instance, ‘Karini’ is the root Sanskrit word for a matriarch or female elephant. These are terms that are somewhere lost in time and we’re reintroducing them to young readers. Rather than a textbook approach, we strongly believe that stories are the ideal format for children to not just learn but understand and remember something new!”
‘The Elephant Alarm’ is a tale that brings to fore the economic growth VS environmental sustainability debate raging across the world. The story simplifies this conundrum for children through a situation where train tracks going through an elephant corridor cause havoc in Biplob’s village. The train tracks cannot be moved as this will increase the travel time and costs drastically. The tracks cannot stay where they are either, since they’re a hazard to the elephants that routinely cross it en route their hunt for food!
The crisis is exacerbated when an elephant comes under a train while crossing over. Things come to a head when Karini, the matriarch threatens to rip out the train tracks if even one more elephant is hurt by the trains! Biplob uses his wits to eventually find a solution that allows the tracks to remain where they are while at the same time ensure the safety of the elephants. The best part – his solution is completely natural and environment-friendly, showing how development and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand. For, like Abhishek likes to keep reminding us, “Nature has a solution for everything. We just need to find it!”
The book is a must buy for children in the 3 to 10 age – category. Reading in itself is a practice that adds tremendous value to a child’s development. The added advantage of the Biplob series of books is the love for nature and environmental awareness that they foster in children. Increasingly, the crises caused by climate change and environmental degradation across the globe are compounding, making it more important than ever for our children to understand the importance of sustainable living and protecting the environment. The Biplob books bring that message home in a simple, entertaining and impossible to forget fashion. In fact, the Biplob books position environmental awareness as something that is very desirable, making ‘protecting nature’ as something that kids ‘want’ to do, more than ‘have’ to do.
As in the previous volumes, this book too features vibrant illustrations by Sonal Goyal that add a whole new dimension to the story. Be it the corpulent queen bee Munmun, or the bespectacled Karini, each character is fleshed out in beautiful colours, making it a book that is hard to resist.
Available on the Biplob World website and Amazon, the publishers have also confirmed that the title will soon be available at leading bookstores across the country.