Boyd Corporation Commits to Apple’s Clean Energy Program

Business Wire India

Boyd Corporation, a global leader in engineered materials, thermal management and environmental sealing solutions, announced its commitment to Apple’s Clean Energy Program. This commitment is another significant step in continued cultural development and investment in sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs at Boyd Corporation – a name that carries nearly a century of commitment to technological evolution and responsiveness to customer needs.


Participation in Apple’s Clean Energy Program will accelerate renewable energy utilization to power manufacturing, advance green manufacturing process upgrades, reduce carbon emissions and lessen fossil fuel consumption. This key environmental initiative will enable Boyd to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to healthier global communities. Committing to the program confirms Boyd’s pledge from top leadership to deliver significant environmental impact reductions through the implementation of global sustainability and responsibility practices.


“This is our first commitment to 100% clean energy manufacturing on a customer program and we look forward to the global social benefits that will result from reducing our carbon footprint. We are proud to participate in Apple’s Clean Energy Program as it will push Boyd’s adoption of green manufacturing processes and clean energy utilization far greater than we have in the past,” said Boyd CEO Doug Britt.


Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, Boyd operates in three continents with over thirty manufacturing and design centers. Dedication from leadership to promote using clean renewable energy and introducing more green manufacturing processes throughout its global footprint will set Boyd apart as a pioneer in integrated engineered materials, thermal management and sealing solutions manufactured in a progressive and globally responsible method.


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