Brainy Abacus a New Player in the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic, Aims High to Bring out the Best in Children

Business Wire IndiaThere is a growing demand for quality education for children. There is growing disenchantment with the rigidly structured education structure in our country. Increasingly, parents seek options outside school wherein their children can be nurtured in a creative learning environment.
Creative, mentally stimulating popular programs like Abacus and mental arithmetic courses for children below age of 14 years have been in India since year 1999. There are more than 25,000 institutions and schools conducting these programs. With the proven success, every year more than 30 lacs new students join the program to learn better. As per the estimate, there are total 3 crore people in India who have undergone this course in past two decades.
The Abacus and mental Arithmetic program is said to help children in many ways. It has been scientifically proven in making their minds better by improving and developing their cognitive intelligence and also helps in removing the fear of mathematics. Unfortunately, more than 50% students do not get the intended benefits as they are unable to learn the abacus methodology in the correct manner due to lack of personalized supervision and teaching by trainers.
It’s unfortunate that despite the huge demand and popularity of the concept, the abacus education has not been modernised to suit today’s children’s needs. The program and its teaching methodology are almost the same since its inception over 20 years ago in India.
A lot has changed in last 20 years in India. As we all know, this is a digital age, and digital learning is the future of education. Every home these days have smart mobile device or a computer that can be used for learning too.
Fortunately, after years of research an international company Brain Child International Sdn Bhd – based in Malaysia, has devised a completely new methodology for learning Abacus and mind math called DIZIPHYZI. It is a hybrid learning system using digital and physical methods to get the best results in abacus courses. This method guarantees the precise learning and precise practicing of abacus for children, and ensures that every student becomes a skilled expert.
Brain Child International is launching this redesigned course in India In April 2021 under their brand name “Brainy Abacus”, As per Mr. Tushar Kansagara, chairman of Brainy Brand in India, this course is all set to cause a huge revolution in the concept of abacus learning and mental mathematics for children in India. He adds that now every parent will feel gratified when they will see their child performing faster than calculator. Brainy Abacus has an innovative new age syllabus with Diziphyzi method that will ensure personalised training, personalised supervision and personalised guidance thru its digital learning using Brainy application.
Brainy Abacus is set to expand its network in India by franchising. It offers a complete business format franchise in the field of skill, whole brain development and educational services. The unique franchise concept provides individuals with the complete know-how to build and operate successful Brain child Learning Centre. The franchise fees start from Rs.1,50,000 onwards.
It must be noted that Xplore knowledge resources are the official country licensee for India for Brain Child International Sdn Bhd. They are promoting 4 Brainy courses of Brain Child International in India. Brainy | Company Profile This group has been in education field since 1998 and have been franchisor since year 2001. They have 20 years of experience in education franchising and supporting their franchisees to help them deliver quality education to children and get good financial returns. More details about the Brainy Abacus program can be found on