Celebrating the Power of Education: Jaipuriar School in Navi Mumbai Joins Forces with Q&I to Elevate Learning Outcomes

Business Wire India

Jaipuriar School in Navi Mumbai is embarking on an exciting educational journey through a strategic partnership with Q&I, a renowned education technology platform. Together, they aim to empower educators with cutting-edge AI-driven personalized teaching solutions.
This visionary collaboration is poised to revolutionize the educational landscape, placing a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality education with a personalized touch for every student, in alignment with the principles of the New Education Policy.
At the heart of this initiative is the creation of a flexible and adaptive learning environment that revolves around both teachers and students. This approach introduces top-tier digital education enriched with content meticulously tailored to the curriculum, setting the stage for young minds to flourish.
With the seamless integration of innovative technology, educators gain a powerful toolset to craft impactful lessons effortlessly. Teaching becomes as simple as a click, whether conducted online or offline. The platform’s capabilities extend to assigning customized homework and conducting assessments, making the entire process streamlined and efficient.
Vinay Singh, Executive Director and CEO of Thomson Digital and Q&I, enthuses, “Our collaboration with Jaipuriar School has empowered us to offer essential learning solutions to students during a critical phase of their career preparation. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that both educators and students, irrespective of their mode of learning, reap the rich benefits of this technology-driven alliance. This becomes especially vital in light of the challenges the pandemic has posed to traditional school education.”
Navneet Jaipuriar, Chairperson of Jaipuriar School, Navi Mumbai, underscores the pivotal role of personalized learning in addressing students’ individualized needs. He emphasizes, “This pioneering initiative not only grants students greater access to high-quality educational content but also offers deeper insights into their own performance and learning patterns. It is undoubtedly a game-changer for educators, who can now effortlessly identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and take immediate, targeted actions with just a simple click.”
Together, Jaipuriar School and Q&I embark on this educational adventure with a shared vision of shaping a brighter future through personalized, technology-driven learning experiences.
Furthermore, this partnership opens up the doors to holistic student progress tracking, encompassing aspects such as grades, syllabus coverage, score trends, behavioural changes, and class engagement, among others.