Challenger Brand Niine Forays Into Hygiene and Personal Care With the Launch of Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizers

Business Wire IndiaNiine, widely known for sanitary napkins, innovative biodegradable disposal bags and bold advertising campaigns to break the shame on periods, announced its foray into a wider basket of hygiene and personal care. Repositioning to ‘Niine Hygiene and Personal Care’ reflects the company’s broader hygiene commitment and its expertise in driving the solutions needed to shape the future of hygiene and personal care through innovative and technology driven solutions. Amar Tulsiyan, Founder & Chairman announced, “Niine Hygiene and Personal Care will further allow us to emphasize Niine’s equity as a premium yet value brand, with the goal of increasing access, lowering costs and improving quality by tailoring best in class solutions for Indian consumers. Launch of hand hygiene will mark a beginning to our ever-expanding portfolio over the next few months.”
The new basket of products of hand sanitizers in gel and liquid, and hand wash comes with strong formulations which meet International germ control standards, and further enhances consumer experience with the inclusion of Neem, Tulsi and Turmeric. “Niine Hygiene and Personal care products will continue to focus towards meeting Indian needs and leverage age old Indian practices and science of Ayurveda,” said Gaurav Bathwal, Co-Founder of now transformed “Niine Hygiene and Personal care.”
Sharat Khemka, Co- Founder, Niine Hygiene and Personal care, and who has also been actively involved in design and packaging, talked about affordable sachets of hand sanitizers and hand wash that the company has launched. “Priced at 50 paisa only per sachet, the 1 ml quantity in each sachet is sufficient for a thorough cleansing of both hands, and addresses the needs of people on the go, and those looking at avoiding spillage or higher dispensing that happens from bottles, he said. The new range of hand hygiene comes in several attractive pack sizes from 1 ml sachets to 100 ml, 500 ml, and 1 litre bottles, and also 5 litre and 20 litre reusable tubs.”

Niine is a fast-growing brand that has also come into the limelight with its bold moves in advertising and cricket partnerships to promote its high-quality sanitary napkins while also addressing the stigma around periods. Niine has crossed international borders several times in its efforts to break menstrual taboo. Placing sanitary pad mats on the cricket field during West Indies and New Zealand cricket tournaments earlier this year, and its recent undertaking as Principal Sponsor with Rajasthan Royals for the much acclaimed IPL, are all steps towards getting men into the period dialogue and lifting the veil to accept menstruation as a normal and healthy part of women’s lives. The brand is not only backed by a strong family of entrepreneurs but also a strong management team focused on laying strong foundations for this fast-growing Indian company to ensure stronger #MakeInIndia solutions for consumers, that not only meet global standards, but also redefine them, as was done by the brand’s biodegradable bags. 
Niine Hygiene and Personal care is expected to expand its offering for men and women, over the coming quarters, expanding its footage in the country. Tara Singh Chahar who heads Sales for Niine Hygiene and Personal care talked about Niine’s efforts in building a strong distribution channel that will help drive deeper penetration for some of the hygiene care products which significantly lag behind in rural parts of India. “While our primary focus is to ensure we make ourselves available in traditional trade across the length and breadth of the country, we are also taking balanced measures to bring convenience via modern trade and eCommerce platforms for our urban consumers. We have also started our expansion outside India, with launch in Nepal last month.”
Apart from interesting products, the company has also embraced technology to enhance consumer well-being and experience. Richa Singh, Chief Executive Officer for the company talked about how technology is being extensively leveraged to enhance consumer touch points and to ensure agility for the company as it grows. “Our Niine Period tracker app, which includes blogs on menstrual health in 9 local languages, is currently being upgraded, and we have also launched a WhatsApp store locator, to help consumers find their preferred Niine Hygiene and Personal care products with ease and speed at the touch of a button. At Niine, we constantly strive to improve our processes, and build analytical as well as technical capabilities to keep us agile as we scale up our portfolio with greater speed in the coming months.”