DRIM Influencer Marketing Agency Achieves 70% Increase in Domino’s Store Visits in One Month

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Domino’s Pizza, a household name in the fast-food industry, recently launched a highly successful campaign targeting lunchtime traffic in their stores. The campaign, featuring the ‘Domino’s Lunch Feast’ offer—a 4-course meal priced at just Rs. 99 plus GST—was executed in partnership with DRIM Global, a leading influencer marketing agency renowned for its innovative and performance-driven approach.

The Challenge: Boosting Lunchtime Traffic

Domino’s sought a solution to increase foot traffic to their stores between 11 AM and 3 PM. The aim was clear: leverage the power of influencers to drive customer visits during these hours. Enter DRIM Global, the game-changers who transformed Domino’s vision into reality through their state-of-the-art influencer marketing strategies.

The DRIM Approach: Tech and Talent Combined

DRIM is the first influencer marketing agency to crack down on the performance of the omnichannel approach using a blend of advanced technology and human expertise.

Over the past three years, Domino’s India has witnessed remarkable results through its collaboration with DRIM. This campaign further solidified their belief in DRIM’s capabilities.

Their proprietary Machine Learning algorithms meticulously select influencers who align perfectly with the brand’s needs. This selection process is based on crucial metrics such as engagement rates, content relevance, and overall effectiveness in driving performance.

Supporting this technology is a dedicated team of Influencer Talent Managers. These experts coach influencers on creating viral content and ensuring that their posts resonate with their audience while meeting the campaign’s goals. This combination of tech and talent ensures that every piece of content is not just engaging but also drives tangible results.

Initial Success and Scaling Up

The first phase of the campaign saw the deployment of seven carefully selected influencers. The content they produced quickly went viral, especially in metro cities, leading to a significant increase in store visits during lunch hours. Encouraged by this success, Domino’s doubled their marketing budget, allowing DRIM to scale the campaign efficiently.

Tailored Content for Maximum Impact

DRIM’s strategy included mobilising influencers to create content in various local languages, to ensure a pan-India appeal. This regional targeting was crucial for reaching a wider audience and driving nationwide store visits. Approximately 50% of the influencers involved produced content in vernacular languages, enhancing the campaign’s reach and effectiveness.

Staggering Results

The results of the campaign were nothing short of spectacular:

  • 100% increase in store visits in top cities
  • 70% increase in nationwide store visits
  • Content reach of 41 million people
  • Total views crossing  52 million
This massive success was achieved in less than a month, showcasing DRIM’s ability to scale campaigns swiftly and effectively.

A Proven Omni-Channel Strategy

What sets this campaign apart is DRIM’s omni-channel strategy, seamlessly integrating online influence with real-world results. The influencers not only generated online buzz but also drove significant foot traffic to Domino’s stores, proving the effectiveness of DRIM’s performance marketing model.

DRIM’s CPP (Cost Per Publication) model ensured that every investment by Domino’s was result-oriented, emphasising action and ROI. This campaign with 135 publications has 10 videos that garnered views of a million each, highlighting how DRIM makes influencers a scalable and reliable channel for performance marketing, driving both online engagement and offline sales.

The DRIM-Domino’s partnership exemplifies how innovative influencer marketing can be a powerful tool for performance marketing. By leveraging a strategic blend of technology and talent, DRIM Global has yet again set a new benchmark in the industry, making influencers a crucial part of the omni-channel marketing strategy and driving remarkable results for Domino’s Pizza.

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