DSIJ Academy Adjudged the Best Stock Market Training Institute

Business Wire IndiaOf the many skills and abilities that are required to survive in today’s era, the most important one is the ability to make informed financial decisions. With the world being in a state of turmoil, it is even more important now to explore alternatives for creating and building wealth and financial wisdom that will set one apart from the rest of the crowd.

DSIJ Academy believes in the propagation of financial education & investment awareness and programs are stepping stones towards conquering the greater unknowns. The conspicuous lack of financial awareness is being addressed by e-learning courses that offer one an insider’s view into the finer workings of the capital markets and help one understand the markets with all noise filtered. These courses equip learners with the right kind of knowledge, tools and techniques that aid in providing greater understanding of the capital markets.

DSIJ Academy’s strength lies in the fact that they are learning and development vertical of Dalal Street Investment Journal Pvt Ltd.’s (DSIJ) that has been at the forefront of guiding investors and promoting financial awareness since over three and half decades and as such has access to the vast knowledge repository gathered over time and the proprietary research methodology employed at this SEBI registered research house, and a lot of which is passed on to the learners via DSIJ Academy’s courses. Curriculum reflecting real world scenarios has been designed by analysts who track markets on a real time basis and is updated regularly.

Staying in tune with the times, DSIJ Academy has launched two new courses on Technical analysis of stocks and an intermediate level program on options trading, in addition to flagship program, CSMER ( Certificate in Stock Market and Equity Research). CSMER simplifies fundamental analysis and helps to understand the various elements that form the core of equity research. Fundamental analysis, as the name implies, deals with the study of the fundamentals on which a firm is built upon with intent to identify its actual worth. In doing so, fundamental analysts focus on a company’s financial statements and profit by finding gems that the market has mispriced. Together, these online learning solutions help to learn the various constituents of the capital markets at their convenience and knock off all the hassles involved in classroom-based learning.
Commenting on this, Rajesh V Padode, Managing Director of DSIJ Pvt Limited said, “DSIJ believes the obvious starting point to building wealth is to invest in yourself. Of the many reasons why financial education is your best bet is the fact that it provides dividends for life. Hence, DSIJ has always been a fore runner in educating investors at large for the past 34 years and we thank ‘The Knowledge Review’ to have recognized this initiative of ours.”