Educationist, Fatema Agarkar’s Unique Proposition Focuses on the Power of Play and Education

Business Wire India

  • Interweaving sports and education to improve academic and on-field performance
  • Combination of skill development, mental conditioning, fitness, rehab as well as health and nutrition as part of its vision for every child.
  • Shaping a more evolved parenting community through effective teacher training modules and parent counselling
  • Ushering a new era of learning through student engagement workshops and in-school multi-sports curriculum

With a vision of exposing children to the world of new opportunities, Educationist and Entrepreneur, Fatema Agarkar has curated an inimitable proposition that works on developing, nurturing and empowering young minds with life skills through sports and learning programs.
As 22nd century edusporteneur, the endeavour of this initiative is to bring a variety of ‘real life’ experiences to school children through in-school teaching-learning strategies and in-school sports curriculum creating life-ready citizens by focusing on core life skills and values. 
ACE, a brainchild of Fatema Agarkar, focuses to conjoin sports and education enabling children to have a well-structured and directed approach to overall development without compromising on their academics. This initiative is an upshot of Fatema’s penchant to merge the education space chronicle with the world of sport and aiming at empowering young minds to move beyond the four walls of the classroom to pursue their playground passion. The approach-driven programs inculcate the right attitude to fitness and train students to develop, nurture, and hone appropriate skills by conditioning the mind to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by the sport. Its didactic verticals like effective teacher training modules, parent counselling to shape a more involved parental community, student engagement workshops and in-school multi-sports curriculum aim at ushering a new era of learning. The programmes combine skill development, mental conditioning, fitness, rehab as well as health and nutrition as part of its vision for every child.
Fatema has been diligent in assembling sweeping changes in India’s educational domain. Having kick-started her career by donning many hats in the corporate world, her entrepreneurial genes kicked in and she answered her true calling which entails transforming the education space. The increasing awareness about the importance of staying fit and healthy to brace immunity will lead to an exponential growth in the sports domain. Making use of inventive teaching modules like breaking down various games into fun ways to teach fractions, angles and probability and engaging virtual learning programs she has managed to bridge the educational gap triggered by the pandemic. She is hopeful that India has great potential and could shine bright by imparting students with the right exposure, introduction of best-in-class teaching and learning outcomes, skilling of educators and a more engaged parental community.

Fatema Agarkar, Educationist and Founder of ACE says, “These dynamics of integrating sports and education through innovation indicate towards revolutionizing the Indian education sphere alongside transforming the country’s sporting landscape.”