Ekam Starts Largest Online Meditation Festival on the Globe to Foster World Peace

Business Wire India

3rd Annual Ekam World Peace Festival began on August 9, to conclude on August 15. It began with over 10 million people attending it on the first day. It is an international festival where people from 100 countries and 300 Cities, 2000 Indian villages, more than 2000 educational institutions and social organisations everyone is attending the online meditation live-streamed from Ekam.

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, transformational leaders, mystics and philosophers have created Ekam Kshetra and are hosting the third annual Ekam world peace festival.
Last year, the festivity had over 2 million participations in the Peace Meditations. This year, they are collectively going to have over 10 million peace meditators to meditate online for world peace.

Ekam is Asia’s largest pillar-less meditation space, made of marble situated near Tirupathi – Tada in Andhra Pradesh.
Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji – co-creators of Ekam, are transformational leaders and philosophers who have led millions across the globe on a profound spiritual journey in consciousness. They have helped millions of families find healing joy, love and connection.
They believe – Individual consciousness and world consciousness are not separate. What happens to the world will affect the individual & what happens to the individual affects the world. Therefore, a peaceful human being is a gift to his/her family and team, a powerful force for good in the world.
The chief guest on day one was Kailash Satyarthi, the firstborn Indian to have received the Nobel Peace Prize. He has saved more than 90,000 children from the clutches of slavery and human trafficking.

Please join the festival which will be live-streamed every day until the 15th of August. The live streaming starts at 10 am and 6 pm directly from Ekam for 68 minutes.
“On the first day of the festival, we organised a collective journey in wisdom and meditation for the ending of wars in the world and to enhance harmony between nations. On the rest of the days, we will collectively meditate for peace for children, peace between races and religions, peace for nature and wildlife, peace for women, peace for economic sufficiency, peace for collective human evolution,” said Sri Preethaji.
“The vision of Ekam World Peace Festival is to focus on impacting an individual’s consciousness to bring about World Peace. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic around the world, people can meditate from the comforts of their homes for 68 minutes twice day via Ekam World Peace live stream and keep their body and soul calm. Meditation will also help them overcome these tough times,” said Sri Krishnaji. 
“We all know that the world is facing a pandemic of never before proportions in history. This is a period of great anxiety, stress and emotional pain for everyone. But this time is also the time for evolution; evolution within towards greater compassion, responsibility and peace. You can join the daily live-stream meditation and be a part of this grand vision by participating daily. We also invite you to participate on any of the days you resonate with or on all days if you are passionate to do so. On the opening day itself we saw participation from over 10 million people,” said Bulu Boyapati, PR and Media Director Ekam Foundations.
Website: https://ekam.org/

Join the live event with the following link