Gagandeep of Nittio Learn (Acquired by Whatfix), Upekkha Alumnus, Returns as Growth Mentor

Business Wire IndiaUpekkha alumnus Gagandeep Singh Josan, CEO and Co-Founder of Nittio Learn (acquired by Whatfix), returns to give back to the startup founder community. Gagan joined Upekkha in March 2023 as a Growth Mentor in ResidenceHe will help various startups across different stages with capital efficient growth.
“When I joined Upekkha as a founder in Cohort 3, I never imagined I’d be coming back to Upekkha as part of the team! We went from zero momentum and a few customers to a 3X revenue growth while being capital efficient, leading to an acquisition offer from Whatfix. Going through the whole cycle of value myself, I now know what it takes to go from Zero to Hero in SaaS.”- Gagan.
Prasanna Krishnamoorthy– Partner, Upekkha shares, “We’re thrilled beyond words to have Gagan join us again in a new avatar! As founder of Nittio Learn (Cohort 3), then exiting to Whatfix, Gagan is an exemplar of the ‘Strategic Acquisition’ path that we help founders take.”
This homecoming of one of Upekkha’s startup founders, who believes in the cause of Value SaaS, is a special moment. Having an immensely successful Strategic Acquisition in 2021, Gagan is back with Upekkha to add value to the startup community founders. Post the acquisition, Gagan led product and outbound sales for a new division at Whatfix.
Expressing his joy at the chance to spread the Value SaaS because that got him monumental gains Gagan said, “The three paths that Upekkha offers founders – Founder Forever, Strategic Acquisition, Hyperscale – are all excellent options for the right founder. We’re glad we learned about the paths, so we could pick the right one for us.”
“Very few accelerators have helped their founders from start to exit. Even fewer founders continue to contribute to the start-up ecosystem even after the exit. The Upekkha community must be a very special place for Gagan to make these two leaps. Together I feel they will help many founders see tremendous success,” said Khadim Batti, Founder CEO Whatfix, who had acquired Gagan’s startup Nittio Learn.
“This is a special moment for Upekkha – having one of our startup founders who had a successful acquisition and joining us back believing in the cause. I am sure the startup founder community will benefit immensely from this.”- Shekar Nair, Partner, Upekkha.
Gagandeep Josan has rich experience in building and selling to large enterprises. He was the CEO and Co-founder of Nittio Learn, an LMS platform that helped businesses train and re-skill distributed workforces.
When Nittio first became part of Upekkha, it was focused on the Indian market and “not really getting the momentum that we were hoping for. Luckily, with Upekkha, we could bring both structure and momentum to what we were doing. In about 3 years, our revenue increased 3X. Fortunately, even without understanding the nuances, we were capital efficient.” says Gagan.
Being a capital-efficient business seeped in Value SaaS, it was easy for Gagan to take Nittio Learn along the path of a carefully orchestrated Strategic Acquisition as he had not raised much external money.