God Flipped Me Off, a New Fiction Book by Ganesh Rajan Explains Schizophrenia Through a Story

Business Wire IndiaGanesh Rajan, the author of “I, Me and Us” [Westland 2015] now follows up with a new fictional book, “God Flipped Me Off.” The author experienced the entire symptomatic spectrum of the imbalances caused by schizophrenia in his late teens, gaining insights in his later years until it culminated in its near-total remission.
While various factors have been proposed as triggers for the onset of schizophrenia, from marijuana to malnutrition, the relatively new field of epigenetics suggests it could be caused by impressions of external or environmental factors trickling down to the cellular level.
The author had suggested alternative viewpoints that could offset and nullify such environmental impact in his earlier non-fiction work, “I, Me and Us.” These viewpoints aim at making patients discover that they are adequate and accomplished, despite schizophrenia, and, to help them function and appreciate their station in life.
In his second work, ‘God Flipped Me Off’, he has chronicled, with a backdrop of India in the late eighties to the present, the events that typically surround schizophrenia.
This new book highlights the story of a traditionally brought-up Indian individual, providing a peek from the inside into the condition’s complexities. For many, schizophrenia is unforgiving. Some live on, handling it as an integral part of themselves. For a few, it is also a teacher imparting profound lessons. The author shares his learning using fiction as a medium, this time around.
The book, in the course of its unfolding story, addresses how we get side-tracked by superstition, what goes on inside the mind of a person with the condition, why is it important to empathize and allow leeway in recovery, among other things.
Commenting on the book, Padma Bhushan, Dr. Sarada Menon, Founder: Schizophrenia Research Foundation – SCARF, said, “God Flipped Me Off is a work of fiction, a chronicle inspired by the events happening in the lives of many persons diagnosed with schizophrenia… A good mix of pathos and humour makes this book easy reading, even for people not familiar with the disorder and the disability it produces.”
Sab John Edathattil – Writer of ‘Guna,’ (1991), the hit film based on mental disorder said, “This novel gives me an amazing reading experience – unparalleled!” 
The author, Ganesh Rajan, has this to say about the book:
Combinations, juxtapositions, and extrapolations of many real events are repurposed into fiction. The book puts together drama surrounding lives touched by schizophrenia, inspired by the actual. It outlines the changes in understanding and treatment of the condition over time. Perhaps, it could even offer answers to some frequently asked, but difficult questions. As a result, it could help demystify many aspects of the affliction. An important takeaway from this fictional narrative is that love, understanding, and support from family and other caregivers are essential.”
Ganesh Rajan further adds, “I sought to write an easily readable book that is not overly technical, helping clear the air about schizophrenia without tedium, to also entertain while it informs. “God Flipped Me Off” is a result of this objective.”
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