Health and Happiness Delivered to Your Doorstep, Go Nuts With Happilo

Business Wire India
Since the onset of the pandemic, most, if not every, household has switched their conventionally unhealthy dietary habits to health and nutrition-based foods being consumed on a regular basis. The revenue in the global snack food segment scaled to over $5000 million in 2019 and the market is projected to grow annually by 7.5% (CAGR 2019-2023).
Healthy snacking in India is synonymous with the brand Happilo, an inception in 2016 to a formidable organization today, the brand and its inceptors have made an exceptional mark on the nutrition centric FMCG space in the country. With a vision to expand the brand further, Vikas Nahar – the founder, is taking steps to make a resounding mark in the business stream. They aim at using freshness, preservation, and the healthiest by-products to enhance flavor and uplift the brand’s versatility.
With international suppliers (e.g., figs from Afghanistan, nuts from California, dates from the Middle East, dried fruits from Thailand, nuts & fruits from India’s local farmers), the brand sources the best produce from culturally rich countries and the finest farms from across the globe. Their prime focus lies on the usage of fresh ingredients as well as the interspersing of technology in post-production processes. Using new-age manners of working to provide consumers with the age-old healthy snack is the perfect oxymoron this brand functions by.
Since the past decade, the healthy snacking trend (quote: Snackification) has been making rounds in the F&B industry. Tapping into traditional mannerisms of deriving nutritionally rich sources of food from dried nuts, fruits and berries, the consumer market is essentially becoming increasingly receptive to the idea of switching from processed foods to healthy snacking packets. According to a Mintel Report, 60% of Indian consumers snack more than twice a day, and the lifestyle post the COVID-19 outbreak would have, in all probability, further amplified these statistics.
From optical sorting, grading, flavouring, and packaging, every process for this brand, and others in the sector, is technologically enabled. Their focus lies on the B2B, B2C as well as D2C vertical, aiming to work on a holistic module for their varied consumer bases.
Along with the regular dietary benefits of dried fruits and nuts, they are also known to be rich in antioxidant properties, Omega 3, protein, iron, calcium, riboflavin, and vitamins like A-C-E-K-B6. These little powerhouses act as imperative immunity boosters, while having a proliferated outlook as well. From being consumed just as they are and presented, to having them incorporated and paired with a variety of foods, ‘multi-functional’ and ‘multi-purpose’ should be synonymous with dried fruits & nuts.
Vikas was also crowned one of Times’ 40 under 40, and commented on the importance of the sector, “We are looking at expanding further and meeting an aim of being a 1,000 Cr. company by the year 2024-25. Happilo will witness great collaborations and consumer-friendly alterations. We aim to contribute in the form of additions in farmer incomes in the coming months as well, through regular business practices, along with CSR initiatives.
In sync with the highest industry standards, and ensuring the dried fruit and nuts engrained in the heritage are given the utmost importance due to their staggering benefits, their range of offerings span from dried fruits, nuts, berries, exotic dates, trail mixes, and a multitude of combos. They are also exploring a ‘breakfast range’ coming out soon. With their multiple online partners, the brand has enabled doorstep delivery for their consumers, while various states currently face lockdown and individuals are working from home.
The pandemic has induced a ‘healthy-eating’ trend in the masses more than ever before. Happilo aims to reach these individuals with their mantra of ‘Nutrition-Rich Bites, the Happilo Way’. With content surrounding health and nutritional benefits, along with the multitude of uses dried fruits, nuts and berries adorn, the brand’s contribution in their communication entails a thematic approach on the advantages of using these dynamos in consumers’ daily dietary habits. Happilo, in the literal sense, means the ‘amalgamation of Happiness and Love’, and hence, that maxim still lies at the forefront of every aspect of the brand’s entirety.