I3DC – Embracing the Future of Digital Dentistry

Business Wire IndiaEmerging startups have injected a dose of innovation into the realm of digital dentistry, ushering in breakthroughs and enhancements in oral healthcare. Image3DConversion, is one such noteworthy dental company that is providing its wide and exclusive services across the globe. A fresh entrant, Image3DConversion, is in a perpetual state of evolution, sculpting the trajectory of patient well-being and results. Their entrepreneurial zeal and unwavering dedication have orchestrated a worldwide makeover in the dental landscape. With a team of highly skilled engineers and dental experts, the company offers a complete spectrum of solutions, ranging from Dental Implant Surgery to managing Periodontitis and Orthodontic Treatments like Clear Aligner Solutions.

Continuing to bolster its reputation, the company has embarked on an educational mission within the dental community, introducing a cutting-edge 3D treatment solution commonly referred to as “Guided Surgery in Dentistry”. In the realm of digital dentistry, it has not only garnered trust but has also consistently delivered exemplary customer service on a global scale. This latest addition to the company’s portfolio represents a significant stride forward in dental technology and patient care. By offering guided surgery in dentistry, the company is not just providing a product; it’s also ushering in a transformative approach to dental procedures.

“The future of dental care lies in honest commitment to excellence, prioritizing patient care, and relentless innovation,” says Mr. Sudeep Paul. “Having devoted my career to this industry, I and my team are committed to the ideal use of emerging technologies in a manner that will connect patient, dental care treatments in a correct and efficient manner.”
Mr. Paul is the founder and CEO of Image3DConversion. He is a Biomedical Application and Device Engineering Expert. Serving as a mentor of industry giants – BlueSkyBio of USA, he has got experience of over 15 years training thousands of dental practitioners all around the world with Computer Guided Surgery and Digital Implant Surgery.
Since its inception in 2013 and getting registered in the year 2017, Image3DConversion has achieved notable milestones, solidifying its position in the industry. Its dedicated efforts have also led it to make associations and collaborations with some world- renowned experts of the dental fraternity.