In-Laws’ Support and Kids Heading Back to School Is Bringing Joy to Indian Moms: Momspresso’s Moms Happiness Report 2022

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  • Family support and kids heading back to school is bringing joy to indian moms
  • The study aimed to glean insights into factors driving Indian moms’ happiness in the post-COVID new normal, India’s largest content and influencer platform for mothers, recently conducted its Moms Happiness Study 2022. After 2 years of grappling with the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, factors driving moms’ happiness look starkly different as opposed to the pre-COVID era. The study draws interesting insights into moms’ mindsets, as they enjoy greater support from the family after spending months at home sharing tasks and moments during the work-from-home/study-from-home period. 

Familial Support emerged as one of the key parameters while studying Mom’s Happiness in metro and non-metro regions. As per the data collated, 87% of moms claimed that they are receiving much more support from their in-laws on the other side of the prolonged lockdowns. 2 out of 3 moms also mentioned that their spouses have been lending a hand with their responsibilities.

Back to school

Another development that has been much appreciated by moms in 2022 is the reopening of physical schools after 2 years. The study revealed that 69% moms are happy that their kids are going to physical school again as this will significantly cut down the time spent watching screens, which has been one of the prime stressors for Mom’s when it comes to their kid’s health.


The new normal of work – hybrid working – has benefitted numerous moms who can now take on more professional responsibilities from home. As such, 2 out of 3 moms claimed that they have more work opportunities after the COVID outbreak. In an insight that points towards more favourable work/life balance, 3 out of 4 moms mentioned that they are able to spend more time with their husbands. However, while family support has increased significantly, it was also found that moms are yet to find a satisfactory amount of me time.

Towards natural immunity 

Immunity-building has been a top priority since the pandemic broke out. Now, 78% of moms are happy because their families are not dependent on pills for immunity. This goes to show that the initial panic has settled, and moms are focusing on inculcating good immunity through diet nutrition and physical activity. 

Speaking on the study results, Mr. Vishal Gupta, CEO, said, “The Moms Happiness study has always been an important tool for us to understand moms’ mindsets and the factors that make them truly happy. The world has undergone extreme shifts over the past couple of years, making this study all the more important for and the brands looking to connect with this target audience. Thus, we decided to glean insights into several crucial markets of moms’ happiness, including family support, work opportunities, and the well-being of their families. It is heartening to see that moms are receiving much more support than ever before and spending more time with their loved ones. As schools reopen and routines go back to normal, we look forward to moms having more ‘Me’ time which they seem to be missing.”

The study covered insights from 1,250 moms, including 784 moms from metro regions and 466 from non-metro regions.