Maverick Times Partners with the Ghumakkads to Enhance Its Travel News Section

Business Wire IndiaNews Publisher Maverick Times has now finalized a content deal with an online travel community blog promoting Indian tourism, The Ghumakkads. For the project, the company has gone into contract with The Ghumakkads. The Editor of Maverick Times, Mr Sharad Nandan Tripathi & the founder of The Ghumakkads, Bhawna Mohinani has closed the deal last week after a month-long discussion.
The Founder of The Ghumakkads, Bhawna Mohinani talking about the deal said that “India is one of the biggest tourist hubs in the world. Besides the most popular destinations like Goa, Varanasi & Mumbai, there are plenty of unexplored places here in India. We have been working for years to promote Indian tourism worldwide. However, due to covid pandemic, the industry is suffering from its worst scenario.”
Bhawna further said, “Now when the Government has launched the worlds biggest vaccination program, the tourism industry will once again stand tall. In order to help the industry, we have partnered with Maverick Times to launch our news section dedicated to the tourism sector.”
Talking about the partnership, Sharad told, this partnership will prove to a nice deal for both companies. Team Maverick Times is looking forward to this with a positive perspective.”