Mind Matters: Future Generali’s Sneak Peek Into the Mental Wellness of India’s Top Sports Stars

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It is an issue that plagues one in every 5 Indians. Chances are you or someone in your family is grappling silently with some kind of mental health issue, be it depression, anxiety, stress or uncontrollable rage, even as you are reading this right now. A whopping 90 million Indians suffer from some form of mental illness, as per WHO estimates—and COVID-19 has only worsened the problem. And yet, mental health has been and continues to remain a taboo subject, often brushed under the carpet in India.

As a brand whose purpose is to be a lifetime partner for the customers and lead with empathy, human touch and innovation, Future Generali decided that this is the right time to kickstart a movement to get Indians to take their mental health as seriously as they take their physical health. With influencers and multi-video campaigns like #HealthInsideOut that unabashedly talk about mental health, API-based diagnostic tools like Total Health Score that help people analyse their mental and physical health status, and inclusive health insurance covers such as Total Health, Future Generali has already set the ball rolling.

FGII’s latest endeavor in this direction is ‘Mind Matters’—a unique initiative which offers a sneak peek into the minds of successful sports personalities where they get candid about their challenges and triumphs over mental health issues.

Featuring sports stars like Sunil Chhetri, six-time AIFF player of the year, the all-time top goal scorer for the Indian national football team; Robin Uthappa, a household name after his stellar performance during the 2007 ICC world T20, and international cricket batting genius Cheteshwar Pujara among others, ‘Mind Matters’ gives viewers a glimpse into the trials and tribulations of star athletes.

Traditionally, the world of sports has always been associated with being physically fit. The success of any sports star is often credited to their physical attributes such as power, speed, strength, agility, endurance, flexibility and more. In the process, one vital piece of the puzzle that can make or break a player is often ignored: mental fitness. It is only now that the world is slowly waking up to the realization that mental strength is as crucial to the success of any athlete or sportsperson as physical fitness.

‘Mind Matters’ gets India’s top sports stars to speak candidly about their struggles—from dealing with high stakes for sporting glory, social media scrutiny and abuse from fans on not performing well in a match, to depression and even suicidal thoughts that made them question whether they were suited for a particular sport. And remarkably, and all of them unanimously agree that seeking timely help for their mental health issues is what not only changed their game but also helped them emerge stronger in life.

Ruchika Varma, CMO, Future Generali India Insurance said, “At Future Generali India Insurance, we are persistently working towards normalising the conversation around mental health and creating awareness that all of us are susceptible to mental health issues, and it is okay to come forward, discuss, and seek help.

In that context, sports celebrities are perfect role models as they bring alive the importance of mental health issues in sports, a profession where one would think that physical health is the most important. Our ‘Mind Matters’ talk show brings to life a never-seen-before side of the sports personas – their challenges, struggles and triumphs with mental illness. We are sure that their inspiring stories will send a strong message to a larger audience to pay heed to their mental wellbeing and proactively discuss challenges when the need arises.” 

With these never-heard-before stories, Future Generali, a brand that has made it a mission to stay at the forefront of creating awareness about mental health, manages to further emphasize the fact that whether you are an athlete in top form or a student or employee or a homemaker, during these uncertain times, it’s even more important to give your mental health the same attention as your physical health.

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