Mumbai Based Edtech Helping out Software Developers to Get Their Dream Job

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In FY’22, the Indian information-technology industry grew at a rapid rate of 15.5%. Large IT firms such as Infosys, TCS, and HCL intend to hire 2 lakh or more people by 2022.
IT professionals are in high demand, and this demand is measured not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of quality.
As a result of this quality demand, there is a significant catch to these 2 lakhs hiring numbers: the HR departments of these companies are struggling to fill those numbers.
Mr. Yogesh, a human resources manager at Danphe IT health care, explains, “We conduct 50 interviews to find one candidate“. Because the technical team is now very choosy on whom to bring on board.

Mr. Vaze, a senior developer from a multinational corporation, stated that he was unable to secure a job opportunity with Willis Mumbai. “I couldn’t answer basic OOP and SQL Server questions. Despite my four years of experience, I couldn’t articulate the answer gracefully.”
Now, failing to answer simple SQL and OOP questions is calling for trouble. It’s not that he didn’t know the answer; it’s just that he couldn’t express the answers properly.
QuestPond (founded in 2004) is an IT edtech organization that has successfully completed an 18-years of a journey (from BOOKS TO DIGITAL VIDEO CREATION) by providing online & offline technical programming education to many learners and settling their careers in achieving their dream job in many IT companies.
As of now company has trained more than 1200+ learners and created 360+ hours of video learning materials, books, pdfs which include .NET, Azure, Design Pattern, Power BI, SQL Server, Java, Python, PHP/MYSQL and many more technologies.
QuestPond uses the trio combination methodology of: –

  • Step-by-step learning courses
  • Interview question courses
  • Mock interviews
To build up confidence in candidates. One can check out their courses from their YouTube channel: – 
By using this trio combination approach Questpond has been able to mentor and help more than a million developers in achieving their dream job with the help of their trainers like Mr. Shivprasad Koirala, Mr Vishwanath, Mr. Gurunatha D, Mr. Sukesh Marla, Mr. Nitin P and many other.

Mr. ShivPrasad Koirala founder of QuestPond, is a Microsoft Technical Developer and a YouTuber who focuses on two things: teaching Microsoft Development technology such as C#, MVC, Design patterns, Angular, SQL Server, ASP.NET and Azure in the simplest way possible and assisting in acing the programming interview with my videos.
He candidly comments “Many developers despite having good experience and knowledge are unable to get good opportunity”.

There could be a lot of causes, such as articulating response, communication, speaking too quickly, and TECHNICAL.
Mr. Gurunatha D who mentors database developers talks about incidences where a very senior SQL developer with 5 years’ experience was not able to answer simple join questions.

Due to pandemic many developers go for online mode for training which definitely cost effective and comfortable. But many developers lack self-motivation to learn from online and QuestPond suggest them to go for online 2 days fast track training at the local institute in Mumbai