New Year’s Eve Countdown Event “HAPPY NEW YEAR TOKYO” Was Held for the First Time at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building!

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In order to see off 2023 and share the charms of Tokyo and a feeling of anticipation for 2024, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government held the “HAPPY NEW YEAR TOKYO” New Year’s Countdown Event at Tomin Hiroba (Citizen’s Plaza) at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for the enjoyment of all: children, adults, and overseas tourists, with about 650 people in attendance that evening.


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The Projection Mapping Show (Photo: Business Wire)

It began with a gorgeous projection mapping light show introducing the charm of Tokyo, such as its famous sites and the four seasons, followed by special performances with the singer-songwriter Pikotaro and Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty appearing onstage as guests, making for a really exciting venue. During the finale, the guests and Governor Koike, together with the participants, raised lanterns with wishes for the new year and the future Tokyo into the sky, followed by a fantastical New Year’s countdown.


Stage Event with Pikotaro, Sanrio Characters, and Governor Koike in Attendance


Pikotaro appeared as a guest and revealed an arrangement of his signature song “PPAP” into a special version for this event. Pikotaro said, “I composed the lyrics with the word ‘YO,’ which represents ‘you’ and ‘TOK,’ which signifies the movement of the clock hand, in the word ‘TOKYO,’ embedding a message of ‘Let’s move forward along with Tokyo’ into the song.”


Then, starting with Hello Kitty, the Sanrio characters appeared onstage. They gave a cute performance together with a projection mapping show.


After the guest performances, Governor Koike took the stage. She wrote the message, “Everyone Shines Your Tokyo,” on one of the lanterns and said, “The charm of Tokyo, born anew every day, is created by each and every one of us. This means that when you shine brighter, Tokyo will shine all the more.” During the finale, a colorful projection mapping show themed on the four seasons of Tokyo was projected onto a large, curved wall, and then, together with the countdown images, the lanterns carrying the wishes of the participants were raised into the sky, filling the venue with a fantastic spectacle of light.


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