NoPaperForms Marks Three Years with ESOP Announcement Worth over USD2 Million

Business Wire India

In a recent development, Founder and CEO at NoPaperForms, Naveen Goyal announced over $2 million worth of shares under Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) for 19 “zabardast” people. What started as a small firm back in 2017, NoPaperForms has now grown to be the country’s largest and most trusted enrolment automation platform in a span of three years. The company is backed by Infoedge (parent of, who has invested a total of USD 5M (approx.) over seed and Series A funding rounds. 
“What helped us reach here is our hard work, our fundamentals. Our commitment to enabling our partners to succeed. We have learned and co-created our products with our partners. SFTC is our pole star, our guiding light. We always Solve for the Customer,” said Naveen, reminiscing the company’s journey.
While the industry is facing a challenging time with the impact of COVID-19, NoPaperForms is further strengthening up its bond with all the #zabardast people who make the company what it is today. 
“We will add another 100-150 more people to our family in just the next 3-4 months and are going ahead with our hiring and appraisal plans” sharing his vision, Naveen further added,“Despite being the market leaders in our category, we have only touched and transformed a small segment of the large education market. This is just a start, we will diversify vertically, horizontally, and geographically at a blistering phase.”