OTT Platform Forays Into Theatrical Distribution

Business Wire IndiaAs an old adage goes, ‘New games need new mindsets’, the space of Indian Entertainment is witnessing some new disruptions with novel mindsets. Leading the trend is the new OTT Platform which intends to exploit its films theatrically before traditional streaming. NET5 is the OTT Platform which is in the process of releasing Hollywood and International content in Cinemas before making it available to its digital subscription base. With almost two films to be released in every month, NET5 is widening the reach by dubbing it in various Indian languages.
Explaining the move, Chief Operating Officer Balwant Singh explains, “We have great reverence for Exhibition sector and we firmly believe that nothing comes closer to the Cinema watching experience. The stardom it generates and the euphoria it brings is an altogether different experience which is inimitable. We want to create a sound balance of exhibition and digital arm of entertainment by bridging the gap. As an OTT Platform, we intend to offer both experiences to our consumers and Legacy of Lies’ is our first offering followed by Bruce Willis starrer Antilife.” 
With sudden eruption of OTT Platforms and majority of content preferring this new breakthrough, the scene at Cinema Hall is quite dismal. This move will ensure a steady flow of content to Cinemas before they are consumed on digital space. The move looks positive and timely!