Pankaj Choudhary: A Young Law Professor Shaping Minds for Cleaner Tomorrow

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In the light of ongoing pandemic, whilst all is pushed to a standstill, there is a lot that can be pondered upon now. While the environment looks cleaner and the governments are treading towards opening up of economy and restoring the normalcy, the issues in relation to cleaner environment must be addressed with urgency. The economy needs to be restructured to ensure that the gains towards a cleaner environment that we accidentally reaped are not lost into the mists of oblivion. In January 2020 Mr. Pankaj Choudhary was invited as a keynote speaker on Circular Economy: Needs and Opportunities at Caspian Week, World Economic Forum, at Davos, Switzerland.

Mr. Pankaj Choudhary is one of the prominent faculty of international law in Delhi University, India who has been teaching International law since 2017, while some would often refer to him as one of the youngest people to teach in this prestigious institute, there is a lot more under the hood. He also completed the prestigious directed studies at The Hague Academy of International Law, Netherlands which since its inception in the early twentieth century has blessed, its fair share of prominent jurists, diplomats, statesmen, and legal luminaries. In 2018, he completed the prestigious professional legislative fellowship program with the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, United States Department of State. On his visit to the Ohio state, he also welcomed by the members of the Senate of the 132nd General Assembly of the Ohio State, USA. His reputation precedes him and is known to have delivered lectures at the University of Nottingham, LimKokWing University in Malaysia, and Ohio State University in the United States. He has also represented India in over 20 countries, including the Commonwealth Youth Summit. In 2017, he authored the book “India’s Missing Women”, a commentary on the issue of female foeticide in India from a socio-legal framework, highlighting the changes required to combat the heinous age-old practice, which is also featured at Princeton university library, USA. His areas of interest also include Public International Law, Law of Sea, Environment Law, Boundary Disputes, and International Legal Theory.

With his roots in rural India, Pankaj has found a natural inclination for nature and the environment from an early age. It is this love for the Land and passion for its protection which led him to initiate ‘Let’s Do It, India!’, as a founder of a movement for sanitation and environment protection. He is one of the forefront activists of ‘Let’s Do It’ campaign is not only India but Asia. His organization works by mobilizing millions of positive-minded, action-oriented people to tackle environmental and social problems related to mismanaged solid waste. A born leader, he single-handedly led the UNEP World Clean-up Day this year with 1.6 million volunteers. Mr. Choudhary was appreciated for his work by the president of United Nations Environment Programme H.E. Mr. Siim Valmar Kiisler.

As part of a growing section of this new Indian generation, he strongly believes in taking active responsibility in the growth and wellbeing of the nation, putting the needs of the nation first. He believes that one must serve the nation selflessly.

Along with academics and social policy, it is in politics it seems he believes to have found that opportunity to serve. Though his political life is not very old, it has nevertheless been eventful thus far. In a small period of time, he has made some long strides in the political field. Belonging to the new confident India of young, educated, and rebellious generation, not afraid to pave new ways for the betterment of the nation, he decided to undertake the arduous course of leading from the front and by example. As the youngest National Office bearer of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, (the youth wing of the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party), he has proved his mettle and earned the trust of the Party affirmed by his appointment as the co-incharge of the College outreach program, a BJP initiative to make the students more aware about the various works of the Government.

He even though sees himself as a member of the global community but prioritizes India. He represents almost all that we want to see in a son of the soil, while exemplifying the ethos of a new resurgent Atmanirbhar India.

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