Pegasus Tech Ventures Launches US $50 Million Fund with Japanet Holdings

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Pegasus Tech Ventures (“Pegasus”), a global venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, announced a partnership with Japan’s television shopping giant Japanet Holdings (“Japanet”) to establish a $50 million corporate venture capital fund to invest in innovative startups around the globe.


Japanet, headquartered in Nagasaki, Japan, is well-known for its home shopping services and now is expanding into other business sectors. The company recently started a new project to build “Stadium City” in Nagasaki, Japan, which will open in 2024. Centered on a sports stadium, the project includes the development of mixed-use facilities such as business offices, retail stores, hotels, and live event arenas, aiming to make it a Nagasaki landmark that will revitalize the local and regional community. Japanet is also committed to the enrichment of elderly life and to providing educational support for children around the globe.


Through the fund with Pegasus, Japanet aims to create value by funding new ideas and collaborating with startups that develop innovative technologies. The fund plans to invest in Silicon Valley and other parts of North America, as well as in Israel, Europe and Asia.


“We at Japanet Group would like to find high-potential startups with talented entrepreneurs and help them succeed and contribute real value to the world. Using a venture fund, we would like to find cutting edge startup technologies that we can use in the Nagasaki ‘Stadium City’ project, so that we can provide new services, such as child education, elder care, hospitality, and other services that can help with the betterment of people’s lives,” said Akito Takata, President and CEO of Japanet.


“We will leverage our global network to introduce Japanet to top-tier startups,” said Anis Uzzaman, Founder and CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures. “By making the connection, both the startups and Japanet benefit. Our goal is to create a global innovation platform that supports the growth of our portfolio companies and the success of our corporate partners.”


Pegasus will deploy its team in Silicon Valley and in 15 other regions around the world to find the best startups and connect them with Japanet and Pegasus’ extensive network of corporate partners.


Pegasus has established venture investment funds with over 35 global corporations, including Aisin Seiki, Sojitz Corporation, SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS, Sunny Health, CAC Holdings Corporation, Teijin Limited, Infocom Corporation, Innotech Corporation, and ASUS, among others.


About Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd.


Based on a corporate vision, “The joy of living now,” Japanet operates a home shopping business, as well as a major sports related business designed to revitalize the local and regional community. In order to enrich the “now,” Japanet is also working to enhance healthcare services and to address other social issues, such as educational support for children around the world, and support for disaster-stricken areas. For more information, please visit the website


About Pegasus Tech Ventures


Pegasus Tech Ventures is a global venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley with $1.5 Billion in Assets Under Management. Pegasus offers intellectual and financial capital to emerging technology companies around the world. In addition to offering institutional investors a top-tier venture capital investment approach, Pegasus also offers a unique Venture Capital-as-a-Service (VCaaS) model for large, global corporations that wish to partner with cutting-edge technology startups. Some of the 35+ corporate partners that have signed up to work with Pegasus include ASUS, Aisin, SEGA, Sojitz, and Omron. These corporations are able to have access to 180+ Pegasus portfolio companies such as SpaceX, 23andMe, SoFi, Bird, Color, App Annie, and many more. To learn more, visit