Rannvijay Collaborates with Eyewearlabs for His Sunglass Line

Business Wire India
Versatile actor and television personality Rannvijay Singha, best known for spearheading MTV shows like Roadies and Splistvilla is all set to launch his own sunglass line in collaboration with home grown retail brand Eyewearlabs.

The millennial youth icon who has carved a niche for himself with his impeccable style and personality is excited to roll out his own sunglass line. Commenting about the association, Rannvijay said in a statement, “I have been wearing Eyewearlabs sunglasses for a few months now, and the quality is too good. After using the sunglasses, Eyewearlabs reached out to me for a collaboration that I couldn’t refuse and now we are working together on a collection – ‘RV X Eyewearlabs’ that will be a reflection of my style. Lot of my input has gone into this line and I am really looking forward to sharing it with my fans.”

It is his charismatic personality and undaunted style quotient that prompted the brand to join hands with Rannvijay as their brand ambassador, revealed Mehul Jakharia, Founder and CEO of Eyewearlabs.

When Eyewearlabs reached out to Rannvijay he was more than thrilled to design his own sunglasses. He spent months conceptualizing designs for his sunglasses. Even amid his hectic work schedule, he would sketch sunglass designs and share them with the team of Eyewearlabs. After a series of zoom call discussions, the team finalized four designs that were a seamless representation of Rannvijay’s bold and authentic fashion sensibility.

Talking about his decision, Rannvijay said in a statement, “When I started wearing Eyewearlabs sunglasses, people would always ask me about them. After a while, Mehul reached out to me about the co-branded collection and we discussed the eyewear scene in India. That’s when I realized that other brands offered polarized sunglasses at an exorbitant price. Eyewearlabs offers the same shades at an affordable price with UV Protection and polarized lenses. They also offer a lot of variety when it comes to the design aspect. I was more than happy to collaborate with them and create a line that is stylish, durable, safe, and also affordable for my fans. I also got a chance to express my statement style through these sunglasses. They are a reflection of my day-to-day life. These sunglasses are also something my fans would relate with as they all share the same notion of self-expression. So I am really looking forward to share this with my fans and #SquadRan.”

Apart from being a powerhouse of talent, Rannvijay is known for being an adventure and sports enthusiast. He believes in challenging the boundaries and the same thought is reflected in Eyewearlabs’s sunglasses. Eyewearlabs has been Designing game-changing sunglasses since 2017. It is one of the best upcoming sunglass brands that offers performance-oriented polarized sunglasses that protect your eyes in style. Compared to many of its competitors, Eyewearlabs offers a better bargain for its range of designer eyewear.

Most sunglasses offered by Eyewearlabs are available in a variety of polarized colorways that range from matte black to vibrant neons. The high-spirited designs offered by the brand complement Rannvijay’s signature style.

The RV X Eyewearlabs collection will mirror Rannvijay’s real-life persona, thereby making it more relatable to the audience. The sunglasses will be durable yet have a statement-making appeal. The collection will encourage customers to make their own trends and celebrate their individuality.

The exclusive line will reimagine Eyewearlab’s sunglasses while ushering in Rannvijay’s trademark style in form of camo prints, zestful colors, and oversized statement frames.

Eyewearlabs strives to create sunglasses that encourage people to push their limits. They are known for their versatile and functional designs and the new collection promises to set a benchmark for the brand.