Ravi Gaikwad, Chief of RTO Thane Felicitated with CSR TIMES AWARD 2020

Business Wire India
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had once said, “What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.” It is only a handful of people in this world, who actually realise all their dreams. It is another dream come true for academician, sportsman and philanthropist Ravi Gaikwad who has added yet another feather to his cap. In fact, this is the third consecutive award being conferred upon him within a span of eight weeks! It is a matter of privilege that Ravi Gaikwad, Chief of RTO Thane has been conferred with the CSR TIMES AWARD 2020 recently.

Ravi has the distinction of having presented several papers to IIT in the field of science and technology and he made his mark by doing a lot of philanthropic work in India. This award even recognises his unparalleled efforts in terms of playing a pioneering role in changing the traditional ideas of charity. The nature of his selfless efforts is such that his work is multi-faceted in nature and thus plays a pivotal role in promoting social welfare, with special focus on the importance of national development. He has even served the society with his dedication and sincerity for various social causes as the Chairman of Shant Bharat Surakshit Bharat.

Regarding his family background, his parents have an enviable reputation. Ravi says, “Today, I owe my success to my parents, my siblings and my wife. It is for their inspiration and motivation which propelled me to go the extra mile. My father is a Civil Engineer from Government College of Engineering, Karad and my mother had completed her BA (Political Science Hons) from Pune University. My wife Dr. Nirmala is a doctor by profession and she has blessed me with two beautiful children Ananya and Rishi. My younger sister Dr. Pratibha is a Doctor in United Kingdom and my younger brother Pradeep is an Engineer.”

Ravi Gaikwad even has two Guinness Book of World records to his credit. He has been a prolific writer, poet and editor of a magazine as well. He has been unstoppable during his entire life having achieved one feat after another. He has a remarkable feat of having scored 100/100 in two subjects of his final year of Engineering. He has written a separate draft for Indian Constitution and studied all the constitutions of the world. As a sportsman, he was even in the Ranji Trophy Camp.

This proves that where there is a will there is a way and Ravi truly deserves many more awards in the future.