Research Protocol on Ayurvedic Treatment of COVID-19 by Team of Doctors From Pune, Published in Reputed International Journal

Business Wire IndiaA paper on an ayurvedic protocol designed by a team of doctors from Pune led by Dr. Suresh Patankar has been published in a reputed international journal. 
This could be the first instance where Nature’s Trial Journal which is internationally accepted for validated publications in medical research, has published an Ayurvedic protocol. The journal committee of Savitribai Phule Pune University too has testified to this. This endorses the fact that, with due efforts, in the current times, ayurvedic science can easily prove to be evidence based.

The science of ayurveda mentions several remedies that could be used during a pandemic/epidemic. As there are no test parameters according to modern medicine that could validate these medicines/constituents, such medicinal constituents did not get necessary/authorized approvals. Also, most of the time clinical trials based on modern test parameters have not been conducted on such medicines.

Under such circumstances the AMAI Trust and Ace Hospital, Pune took the challenge head on. The institutions since the past few years were already engaged in research on medicines of a similar kind. Many subjects were found to benefit by these medicines.

A team of doctors was constituted under the guidance of Dr. Suresh Patankar. This team comprised of Vd. Hrishikesh Rangnekar, physician Dr. Kishore Suryawanshi, Dr. Praveen Soni, immunity specialist Dr. Kalpana Joshi and immunity scientist Dr. Tejas Shah. This team designed the clinical trial protocol for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.
This protocol includes almost all the internationally/globally applicable test parameters. This included tests for Viral Load (wherein the exact number of viral counts in an infected individual is determined. This test is completely different than the currently conducted RT-PCR or CT Value tests), TCell (th-1, th-2, th-17 ils-6), NK Cell, IGG, IGM, B Lymphocytes, Antibodies, D Dimer and many others.

To have such a kind of Ayush protocol on Corona published in Nature’s Trial Journal is a matter of great joy. This also highlights the necessity of applying modern test parameters while conducting research in ayurveda or Ayush.