Swappable Announces Partnership with Esports T1’s Dota 2 Team

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Swappable will sponsor the Dota 2 team for upcoming ‘The International 10’

T1 will auction their first-ever NFTs on Swappable 

Swappable, an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) interface for high-profile and exclusive digital collectibles, has announced its partnership with T1’s Dota 2 team, the popular esports team for the upcoming International 10 – Dota 2 World Championship in Bucharest, Romania.


T1 is not just an esports team but a pop culture phenomenon with millions of fans worldwide. The team embodies a blend of lifestyle, creativity and attitude, fresh from the source of Seoul & LA.


As part of the collaboration, T1 will auction their first-ever NFTs (digital collectibles) on Swappable for T1’s Genesis Collection. With the first auction starting Friday September 24th, T1 will release a series of NFTs each possessing utility features such as special access to T1’s Dota 2 team players and more. Visit Swappable for more information.


“We are excited to partner with a leading organization in the esports industry. It is also a chance for T1 fans to pick the very first digital collectibles ever created by this legendary team,” said Ivan Anastassov, COO of TrustSwap.


As one of the teams to watch in Asia, T1 has qualified to compete in The International 10, the biggest and most prestigious event on the Major Championship Circuit where the very best compete for $40M, the largest prize pool in esports.


About T1


T1 Entertainment & Sports is a global esports joint venture that owns and operates the ultra-successful T1 League of Legends (LoL) Champions Korea (LCK) team, along with teams in competitive gaming segments that include Fortnite, Dota 2, PUBG, Super Smash Bros., Hearthstone and Wild Rift.


About Swappable


Swappable is an NFT interface launched by TrustSwap, facilitating auctions by high-profile artists and celebrities. Its goal is to provide a creative place for artists to sell, and for users to find and collect rare artworks and digital collectibles. Visit https://swappable.io for more information.


About TrustSwap


TrustSwap is a blockchain venture offering innovative smart contract services for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, enabling the crypto community to transact with integrity and accountability. TrustSwap addresses several problems connected to split payments, subscriptions, escrow, minting, token/liquidity locking, fundraising and portfolio management. They recently acquired TheCryptoApp. Visit https://trustswap.org for more information.