The World’s Largest School Ranking Survey Places The Scindia School as the Undisputed #1 Boys’ Boarding School in India

Business Wire India
The Scindia School – Gwalior, a 123 year old boys’ boarding school, has once again topped the rankings in the annual Education World India School Rankings (EWISR) rankings for the year 2020-21. The EWISR rankings are the largest of its kind in the world.
This is the second year in succession that the Scindia School has been rated the Best Boys Boarding School in India. Last year (2019-20), it had shared the top spot with another boarding school, but this year, it has emerged as the undisputed #1.
Of special mention is that the Scindia School not only topped the overall ranking, but was also rated the best on four key parameters that are a part of the overall survey:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Teacher welfare and development
  • Individual attention to students
  • Leadership and management quality

The School has also created a very safe environment for the children once schools reopen, touching every aspect of the student’s day in school. Details were shared by the Vice Principal – Pastoral Care, Ms Smita Chaturvedi, and included the steps being taken right from the time a child returns; to the staying arrangements, the classrooms, the dining area, the hygiene in the washrooms, etc.
Responding to the #1 ranking, Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia, President of the Board of Governors said, “This is an amazing achievement and I am proud of the support we have received in these difficult times from the parents, the children and indeed, the entire faculty and staff of the school. This is a significant milestone in our 123 year old journey and I am sure that the school will be a beacon for all that is good about the way we create true Indians for the future.  I am confident that the Scindia School would also serve as a role model to many other schools.”
Mr Rajendra S Pawar, who is the Vice President of the Board of Governors of Scindia School, a recipient of the Padma Bhushan, and an ex Scindian himself said, “My heart fills with pride at this recognition of the tireless efforts made by all to constantly raise the bar. We have dramatically improved our academic reputation, and the Board’s interventions with the full support of the Principal have delivered immensely positive results. Going forward, in spite of the challenges, I am filled with excitement and new hopes. My congratulations to all the faculty and staff of the school. There are better times ahead.”
Acknowledging the achievement with his trademark humility, the Principal – Dr MD Saraswat said, “We have had a very challenging year, thanks to the pandemic. We used this as an opportunity to relearn many things, including teaching online. The entire faculty has been an immense source of support. Their dedication, and their determination to not let any child suffer, and their unflinching commitment has paid rich dividends. I am proud to say that today, among boarding schools, there is no safer place to be than Scindia, thanks to all the steps we have taken. I am thankful to all the faculty, staff and members of the Board who have given so much of themselves, without losing their sense of commitment and sense of responsibility. I am as proud of my team as I am of our being ranked the #1 Boys Boarding School in India.”