Traya: Disrupting the Hair Loss Industry in India, the Threefold Way

Business Wire IndiaThe advent of the monsoon fills one with nostalgia and joy of beating the heat, gorging on chai pakoras, and the transformation of the land into a lush green embroidery of vegetation. But, one common fear that grips most is hair fall. Most people admit to having a greater degree of hair loss in the monsoon as compared to the rest of the year. Whether this is the work of pollution raining down on us or the work of a biological clock that coincides with the monsoon is unknown. Seasonal hair falls, although worrisome, is not as stressful as having a hair loss condition that doesn’t come and go with the seasons. 
Studies and research throughout the last decade have shown a rapidly rising growth in the number of Indians that suffer from hair loss conditions throughout their adult life. The most common being Androgenic Alopecia or malefemale pattern hair loss. Most of us picture a typical bald spot sitting amidst hair on the sides and back on hearing this. But in fact, this is simply the final stage of this condition. In reality, the advent of these conditions start rather subtly with a receding hairline, evident hair thinning in the top portion of the scalp, or a widening partition in women. 
Once associated with age and perhaps wisdom, hair fall is blamed on high stress, unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits, and pollution today. And while the previous generations’ onset periods were set in the 40s and 50s, we now observe those just out of their teens experiencing pattern hair loss. 
In a country that thrives on DIY culture, multiple home remedies exist that range from regular food items to ridiculous items like cow dung and bull semen. At the same time, the hair care industry also provides an adequate distraction in the form of anti-hair fall shampoos, conditioners, and serums. And finally, for anyone unsatisfied with their home routine, the parlour wali aunties and salon specialists advocate a plethora of hair treatments such as hair spas to keratin. If nothing else, these do provide a clean scalp and a placebo effect that hair loss has reduced enough and people don’t pay any more attention to it. 
Those that are pro-research and pro-scrollers either end up in a dermatologist’s office or on a website that offers them a solution; which partially works. But rarely do people come out on the other side with minds satisfied and their heads full (of hair). 
These problems, however, are soon to be a thing of the past, courtesy of this company that has wiped the slate clean and is ready to show folks what the real problem with hair loss is and how to treat it. This triple threat to the status quo is Traya Health. It is a health-tech startup that wants to disrupt and revolutionise the availability of quality expert-curated hair loss treatment. Traya Health’s unique approach combines the best of Ayurveda, Dermatology, and Nutrition that gives the best hair care treatment. 
Their cutting-edge online diagnosis algorithm is created as a result of interactions with hundreds of doctors to pick up on markers of different hair loss conditions. The treatment plan offered by them is not only comprehensive but also doctor prescribed. It ensures that the hair-related issues are treated as medical conditions and not hair care issues. Finally, the real trump card is their hair coach system which assigns a hair coach, who is a doctor trained hair loss expert. The hair coach is not only available to answer one’s questions and address their concerns throughout the treatment, but also to ensure that they stay consistent with their treatment and dietary recommendations.

Traya is said to have catered to over 10000 customers till today. It has a success rate of 93%, which they attribute to their core value of honesty. “It is very important to us, that we set the right expectations right from the beginning. So, we only choose those we know we can help. If you come to Traya at a stage where our treatment will not bear results, we will tell you that,” says Saloni Anand, co-founder, Traya. This doctor-prescribed holistic treatment is what sets Traya apart from other hair care companies. 
If people think all of this sounds overwhelming. Don’t worry. They also have hair experts who help them to understand their diagnosis and process once they fill their diagnosis form. In addition, one can book an online appointment with them and clear all the doubts before starting the treatment. They also offer hair care products online, making them incredibly convenient to purchase. Traya’s Hair Ras tablets are a notable example of how the brand uses Ayurveda to tackle hair fall problems organically.
So, if people think they have hair loss, that’s not transient like the monsoon. Or if they are not satisfied with their current hair loss treatment. Then, head over to Traya and find out the root cause and a personalised treatment plan that is thrice as awesome!