Twin Health Announces New Initiative #PledgeToReverse on World Diabetes Day

Business Wire India

  • Twin Health has launched this movement in line with its mission of giving people a life free of chronic diseases and full of energy, vitality and happiness.
  • Twin Health’s Whole Body Digital Twin is a dynamic digital representation of each person’s metabolism, built with advanced technology and medical science, providing precise recommendations to enable reversal and prevention of chronic metabolic disease, including type 2 diabetes.
  • In clinical trials, over 90% achieved type 2 diabetes reversal and 92% eliminated all diabetes medication within 90 days of joining the Twin service.

Twin Health, makers of the Whole Body Digital Twin™ precision health technology, today on World Diabetes Day announced a new initiative #PledgeToReverse to help reverse diabetes using technology. Through this program, the US-India based health tech start-up aims to reverse Type 2 Diabetes by healing the root cause of chronic metabolic diseases with highly personalized data-driven recommendations to doctors and patients.

Under this umbrella mission, over the next year, Twin Health will be conducting multiple initiatives to help reverse diabetes. The first initiative under this mission will be the Twin True Reversal where they will select multiple users to completely reverse diabetes, by offering their revolutionary program for free. The company will create a special landing page, wherein anyone can visit and nominate themselves to be a part of this movement. The nominees will have to fill in their details and the reason to be nominated for the challenge/movement. At the end of the program, multiple users will be onboarded for the twin treatment. Diabetics or their loved ones can register for this program by visiting the landing page.

Twin Health with its innovative techniques is reversing diabetes through sensors, artificial intelligence, and detailed data-analytics according to each individual’s requirement. On this world’s diabetes day, Twin Health has pledged to take this mission ahead by launching this initiative to reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

“At Twin, we believe that we are each gifted a body. If given a chance, it can heal itself. Our Whole Body Digital Twin lives alongside you – giving you a view into your beautifully complex biology, continuously learning about your metabolism and telling you what you can do to improve your health in the moment,” said Jahangir Mohammad – Founder & CEO of Twin Health.

“Achieving this mission is a long journey, but it needs to start now. Complications from Diabetes cause one in 20 deaths in India. Existing treatments do not solve the root cause of the disease, and the incidence of diabetes continues to grow throughout India. We are on a mission to change this at Twin. This World Diabetes Day, Twin Health, as a brand will launch the mission of building a healthier world, free of disease and full of vitality,” said Dr. Maluk Mohamed, Co-Founder & Global Vice President of Twin Health.

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases impacting individuals worldwide. According to a recent study, an estimated 77 million people in India are diabetic, making it the diabetes capital of the world. What’s more, it is expected to reach 134 million by 2045, if not acted upon. Chronic metabolic diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes, can start as an individual’s metabolism breaks down over time. Medical research has demonstrated that each person’s metabolism functions differently, presenting significant challenges to customize treatment for every single person. The Whole Body Digital Twin™ addresses this complexity by using cutting-edge technology and advanced medical science to deliver personalized, precise and timely insights with recommendations to address the root cause.