Uniphore Unveils Industry-First Technologies to Strengthen Both Agent and Customer Experiences in the Contact Center

Business Wire IndiaUniphore, an early leader in Conversational Service Automation (CSA), today announced the addition of its new U-Trust portfolio and U-Assist Assurance solution to its portfolio. With these new solutions, Uniphore customers will be better able to support call center agents and operations, while building trust with consumers and delivering a better overall customer experience.
Uniphore’s new solutions are focused on improving and optimizing contact center interactions from start to finish, strengthening the connection between front-end customer experience and backend fulfillment through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and improving contact center security through agent verification and data security.
“A better customer experience comes when people and technology work together. Our end goal is to optimize every conversation and improve both the customer and agent experience. With these additions to our portfolio, Uniphore is delivering on its mission and directly addressing the critical needs of call center agents, businesses and consumers,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and Co-Founder of Uniphore. “The world has changed for call center operators with surging demand and a shift to remote workforces. Our team is focused on delivering solutions with market-changing innovation. These products are the first of their kind and I’m proud of the team’s ability to innovate with speed based on evolving customer needs.”
U-Assist Assurance: The First RPA Application Bridging Front-End CX with Backend Fulfillment
A recent survey revealed that more than 84 percent of people who have interacted with a contact center expect to have some form of follow up or follow through. Given the volume of calls and the commitments made on each one of them, tracking and following through on those are extremely challenging and costly. This is a perfect fit for integrating RPA with existing advance conversational AI and Machine Learning. With this new product innovation, Uniphore is the only company to deliver an all-in-one solution that simplifies the role of the agent logging such follow-on items and the cost of disparate systems tracking and executing them. 
U-Assist Assurance enables contact centers to save time, money and improve customer satisfaction rates–all automatically. Using RPA technology, U-Assist Assurance tracks promises and commitments made by agents in real-time during the call, aligns expectations with the customer immediately following the call, and manages fulfillment post-call.
“Pandemic-driven lock downs and work-from-home contact centers created opportunities for conversational AI to demonstrate its worth, but success depends on following a strategy that embraces Conversational Service Automation,” explained Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research. “CSA, as put into practice by Uniphore with U-Assist, integrates RPA, elements of AI and analytics to ensure that agents fulfill the promises they make to customers. I think of it as a first instance that defines how RPA applications will be infused with AI to improve both agent and customer experience.”
This offering marks the first RPA-driven application in the Uniphore product suite following its acquisition of RPA technology from NTT DATA late last year. RPA remains largely untapped in the CSA market, and U-Assist Assurance delivers on the promise of contact centers augmenting automation for greater efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. U-Assist Assurance will change how companies think about CX strategy. The product will be available in the second half of 2021.
U-Trust Portfolio: Bringing Agent Verification and Greater Data Security to the Remote Call Center
The U-Trust portfolio includes two distinct solutions: U-Trust Agent, a verification solution that uses a unique voiceprint to authenticate agents and U-Trust Environment, which protects sensitive customer data. This new portfolio is the first comprehensive solution to deal with trust and security concerns and brings critical and powerful tools to contact centers who have faced huge challenges transitioning their agents from secured physical locations to a remote work environment. These solutions help mitigate costly security risks and bring peace of mind to both customers and businesses.
With more agents working remotely, companies – Business Process Outsourcers in particular — need to ensure that their trained and experienced agents are the ones actually handling customer calls using voice biometrics.
“Within the contact center, companies often walk a fine line between using a carrot or a stick approach to handling agents. While the vast majority of agents are trustworthy professionals who are proud of their role in supporting customers with integrity, work-from-home poses new risks to organizations, the agent staff and the customers they serve. One data breach reflects poorly on the brand and can have a significant detrimental impact whether because one person impersonates an agent or data is not protected in the exchange,” said Mary Wardley, Program Vice President, Customer Care and CRM at IDC. “The pandemic has pushed technology into areas that have been of lower focus because there was physical oversight. U-Trust Agent in particular brings confidence to the customer that they are engaging with authorized personnel from the brand.”
U-Trust Agent uses real-time agent verification using voiceprints continuously through the entire agent shift, eliminating fraud and ID issues. The product is available today, is language independent and available worldwide.
U-Trust Environment builds on agent verification to offer a greater layer of security to protect sensitive customer information by ensuring that agents cannot see or hear sensitive customer data. The product will be available later this year, worldwide.
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