WNS Announces an Industry-First with Domain-led Hyperautomation

Business Wire IndiaWNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS), a leading provider of global Business Process Management (BPM) services, today announced the formal launch of its differentiated, domain-led hyperautomation platform suite designed to accelerate the adoption of process automation and drive enterprise-wide digital transformation. By combining domain expertise, process intelligence, agile practices and a state-of-the art hyperautomation enablement platform, WNS will help clients manage process complexity, create scalability and unlock higher value from their digital investments. In addition, WNS will be able to create seamless and integrated customer journeys across disparate technologies and processes, which today is a significant impediment to successful digital transformations.

WNS’ platform suite is powered by an exclusive partnership with EvoluteIQ, an end-to-end Enablement Platform for hyperautomation that combines the capabilities of low-code / no-code, iBPMS, AI, ML, IOT, RPA Integration, Blockchain and data processing on a single integrated platform.

“We are excited to be chosen to power this industry-first platform suite from WNS,” said Sameet Gupte, CEO, EvoluteIQ. “The e.IQ enablement platform provides the ability to bring together fragmented technology landscapes and ongoing automation initiatives to achieve digital transformation at scale. The exhaustive feature set of e.IQ will allow enterprises to break away from silos and seamlessly adopt new technologies for future-proofing their business. It will also allow them to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership,” he added.

“With this partnership, WNS has created a truly innovative capability for the BPM industry – a domain-led hyperautomation platform suite,” said Keshav R. Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS. “WNS’ deep and specialized domain expertise is the key to delivering high-impact business outcomes leveraging the EvoluteIQ technology. We believe that the scale, complexity and business value of the solutions that we can deliver together are unprecedented. The suite is timely for enterprises looking to re-invent their businesses for a digital-only world. It also provides the foundation for creating new, disruptive business models and solutions as they evolve.”