1st National MS Rathi Memorial Moot Court Competition, 2021 Results Declared by HMJ Surya Kant

Business Wire IndiaLatestLaws.com and Indian Dispute Resolution Centre organized their 1st National MS Rathi Memorial Moot Court Competition from 20th to 21st November 2021. Justice Surya Kant, Judge, Supreme Court of India presided the Valedictory Function of 1st National MS Rathi Memorial Moot Court Competition,2021. In his address he said, “It is through young lawyers who work hard that the common man can hope to attain justice.”
Final was adjudged by Hon’ble Mr. Justice SN Dhingra, Former Judge, Delhi High Court, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rameshwar Malik, Former Judge, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Sh. KK Manan, Sr. Advocate, Ms. Geeta Luthra, Sr. Advocate and Sh. Ashish Deep Verma, Advocate.
The team from Amity Law School, Noida was adjudged as Winner for the Moot Court Competition. 
Hon’ble Justice highlighted the importance of quintessential law school activities like a moot court competition which prepares a law student for dealing with what Justice Kant termed as “hard cases” which involve technical questions of law, and the important role that organizers like LatestLaws.com (https://www.latestlaws.com/) played in furthering this cause of introducing students to practicalities of law.
His Lordship stated at the outset that,
“I am delighted and honoured to be a part of the valedictory ceremony of the 1st M S Rathi Memorial Moot Court competition. It is a great privilege for me to share my views at this event named after a distinguished lawyer and a proponent of legal field and education in India.”
Highlighting the “indispensable” and “indelible” mark that late Shri M S Rathi’s work has left on the legal fraternity, Justice Kant said,  
Shri M S Rathi’s life is a shining example of public service and upliftment of the poor and the marginalized. His long and productive career spanning several decades, show him holding various positions of great importance in different institutions across the country. The legal education and training that he imparted during these decades continue to be an inevitable contribution towards the improvement of legal literacy in this country. Moreover, he did not merely attempt to impart legal literacy to the general public but also among public servants as well.”
His Lordship further stated,
“While holding the position as the Head of Law Faculty, Delhi Police Training College, he imparted his indelible legal knowledge upon several generations of Police officers who are interested in upholding law and order and protecting the citizens. Law can come to the aid of those who are aware of their rights and know how to use the law to enforce them. The work that Shri Rathi carried out in passing down his many years of knowledge to the next generation is an immense contribution towards increasing this awareness. The greatest gift that a person can provide to the coming generation is to pass on the unique knowledge and experience that he or she has accrued in a life of learning. The true hallmark of a great teacher is one who never stops learning and growing. Shri Rathi embodied both of these virtues together. The passion to educate others while educating himself as well, the ability to impart knowledge and imbibe it in equal measures to a teacher and a student, in my opinion, these are characteristics which we should all try to emulate.”
Further, Sir threw light on how LatestLaws.com is a shining example of Shri Rathi’s long-living legacy. He said,
“It [LatestLaws.com] is one of the first Indian star-ups dedicated to the free and open imparting legal knowledge online and to people across the county. In this age of the internet where there are paywalls that guard information across different websites, LatestLaws has stayed in line with Mr Rathi’s spirit and legacy by ensuring that the needy are never left wanting for access to answer regarding their legal queries.”
Justice Surya Kant further addressed the inevitable need for technology interface with the law and he also highlighted the important role being played by IDRC (https://theidrc.com/) in creating a niche for itself and in bringing the best world practices in the field of Alternate Dispute Resolution, to India. He stated in this respect that,
“It is also important to highlight an impact that an institution like the IDRC has held. In the post COVID world, we will have to constantly rely on technology to function in our day to day lives while also ensuring our health and safety (…) In the context of COVD academic… usage of technology is not just a matter of technology advancement but a necessity to protect our health and that is where IDRC services such as its e-ADR portal become very important.”
“The e-ADR platform gives litigants from across the country, a chance to utilize ADR opportunities without needing to travel long distances to come to a physical location. IDRC follows the modern technological approach towards Alliterative Dispute Resolution that has become the global standard. For example, the move towards having a completely paperless system while proceedings and pleadings are conducted entirely online is not only convenient to litigants but also beneficial for the environment. The work of organizers such as LatestLaws and IDRC is crucial in this aspect because it is through them- that people come to know of these alternative and efficient options available for resolution of disputes(…)”
Congratulating the students for their efforts, Lordship said that it is through young lawyers who work hard- that the common man can hope to attain justice. He also said that mooting is an important law school exercise and a moot proposition presents a real-time question that carries several legal technicalities which students have to address with the “sweetness of their minds” and their knowledge. 
Event was supported By: Satyabhama.org (https://satyabhama.org), Vidhisastras, ‘Lexidem and Rathi, A Global Law Firm’ (https://lexidem.com) and Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies.

Hon’ble Justice Suryakant then announced the Results for the 1st National M.S. Rathi Memorial Moot Court Competition,2021 as follows:

BEST RESEARCHER: Vineet Mohan from Gitarattan International Business School.
BEST MEMORIAL:  Gitarattan International Business School.
BEST SPEAKER: Nikita Dubey from Gurughasidas Central University.
BEST SPEAKER RUNNER UP: Ariana Ahluwalia from Amity Law School, Noida.
2nd RUNNER UP:  Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University.
1st RUNNER UP:  Gurughasidas Central University.
WINNER:  Amity Law School, Noida.