A Good Education Is a Foundation for a Better Future

Business Wire IndiaOn the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Ace Edutech (AceManbas’s subsidiary) and Blue Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. announces the formal launch of a new era in the Edu Tech space in South India.
Ace Edutech aims at giving direction to anyone in their career. They provide right expertise, skills and support to the students, job seekers and other aspirants at every level.
Ace Edutech is associated with the world class associations of the group companies. They have developed their model in such a way that they are identifying individuals and organizations learning needs and providing them the world class training from the industry experts. A blended approach of online and offline, traditional teaching techniques and neo learning tools is taken depending upon the requirement. They provide market relevant courses and industry relevant materials so that students are apt to accommodate from day 1 of their practice.
With everything going digital, Ace Edu Tech and Blue Digital collaborated to digitize the online learning space with the help of Technology. The new world order requires talent and skill upgradation from time to time. Blue Digital Media’s portfolio is an example itself to answer the question of why choosing them as a partner. Being in the industry from last 12 years, Blue Digital is being working in education space with clients like Western University Canada, SP Jain Dubai, LPU, AIC-ISB, IMTCDL, and many more.
How Ace Edutech and Blue Digital Media are making a difference?

  • To start with, this collaboration has come up with a unique Digital Marketing Course to prepare students and working professionals for this booming Digital and E-commerce industry. This course is not only restricted to modules such as SEM, SMM and SEO; but works on a REVERSE approach of what digital industry needs in the coming years.
  • This is accomplished by real-time projects and two- internships in Organisations.
  • A mixed approach of classroom training and online session with 24*7 faculty availability.

Ace Edutech has scheduled a launch of an app later this month, which will be easily accessible and can select as many courses and start their journey of learning.
Dhananjayan, Owner of Ace Edutech says, “Learning should be a constant process in everyone’s life as it is an essential to growth. We make it easy for aspirants to get their hands-on-learning on different courses that exist around the world. And we do make sure to deliver these courses from the industry experts. We aim to give every individual of Coimbatore a pool of knowledge from where they can enhance their careers. We are not restricted to Coimbatore only. We are taking a hybrid approach where anyone can learn physically or virtually.”
Gaurav Singhal, Founder & CEO of Blue Digital Media says, “I am excited about this relationship and think new in the Edu Tech space. With about 18+ years of experience, it feels great to share those experiences and learnings with a set of new people. I personally liked what Ace Edu Tech has come up with. Delivering the education to everyone as per their interests.”