Adding Engagement and Collaboration to eLearning – Techademy Launches New Interactive Video Player

Business Wire India
Rich physical learning experiences have now been replaced with online learning. One major drawback of eLearning is most of it happens to be passive, with almost no engagement with the learner, and lack of collaboration among peers.  Techademy anticipated this challenge early on and has introduced solutions and interventions through its integrated Learning Experienced Platform that aims to solve this efficiently. Now, with the newly introduced interactive player, Techademy allows enterprises and educational institutions to build highly customized, collaborative and on-demand video content for its learners thereby increasing learner participation and enhanced learning outcomes.

The new interactive player enables guided watching, video assignments, and collaborative learning for the learners. It also can help organizations and institutions track deeper insights about engagement, learner interaction, content consumption, rate of comprehension etc. at course, audio/video, and even at individual level. This allows for personalized learning interventions and accurate measurement of the efficiency of learning initiatives.
These solutions are available for audio, video, or live stream modes. This update also comes with real-time social capabilities that let learners interact and collaborate much more efficiently.

“The new player update is in-line with our commitment to enhance learning experiences and bring online learning at par and even better than in-person learning. With these collaborative features and advanced metrics, we are helping organizations leverage technology to build highly effective learning programs personalised to every learner,” says Keshava Raju, Founder, Techademy while commenting on the advanced capabilities of the newly introduced interactive player.