Adding Precision and Accuracy to Skill Evaluation – Yaksha’s Multi-File Assessments Emerge as the Industry Favourite

Business Wire IndiaIn this fast-moving world of work, identifying, hiring, and developing talent for tech roles has become increasingly difficult especially with remote hiring and remote working being the norm of the day. The cost of mis-hires and skill gaps of employees is much more than the monetary implications on the organization, putting an end to uncertainties in hiring and continuous learning, Yaksha’s multi-file assessments offer the much-needed solution for accurate skill assessments.

Simply put, Yaksha’s multi-file assessments allow the organization to test employees/candidates on the practical application of multiple skills and technologies needed for job-roles within a single assessment. The evolved tech job requirements of today require employees to be skilled in multiple technologies, in this context, HR professionals need to find efficient hiring techniques that let them accurately find people with the right skills. Also, the other side of the coin is to ensure the existing workforce is upskilled in-line with the industry pace, L&D professionals need to identify skill gaps and plan better learning initiatives.

In addition to adding accuracy to skill evaluations for hiring and pre-training planning, Yaksha multi-file assessments can also be used to assess on-the job continuous learning, and to check the impact of learning initiatives end-to-end. Organizations can use multi-file assessments to reduce the time-taken for volume hiring as well.

Another unique feature of multi-file assessments is that they can be customised to create language agnostic stackathons to evaluate across various skills simultaneously. “At Yaksha, we don’t just provide the framework for mult-file assessments, we also customise them according to the roles, needs, and technologies required for our clients. While the multi-file assessments are tailor-made, we also ensure that they are user-friendly and eventually the end-user can access, attempt, and take the assessments easily. The in-built coding interface provides all the features of a standard IDE making it easy for the test takers to code and develop in the technologies of their choice. Our clients from several Fortune 100 companies were able to hire better candidates, plan better L&D initiatives, and overall have been able to build future-proof tech teams which is why I have no doubt in saying that multi-file assessments feature has emerged as the industry favorite,” said Keshava Raju, Founder and CEO of Yaksha while commenting about the success of Yaksha.