Affiliatics – World’s First Online to Offline (O2O) Marketing Platform for eCommerce and D2C Brands Growing at 300X, Brands in Waitlist to Get Onboarded!

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Affiliatics an O2O marketing platform, within three months of launch since March 2021, counts large eCommerce businesses like IRCTC, Flipkart, Amazon, SRS Logistics and others as customers. With a current wait list of 300+ eCommerce companies wanting to connect to retail network is clearly a market leader driving the $1.5 Trillion retail market by 2025. Affiliatics is a unique platform connecting retailer network to eCommerce and D2C brands helping them reach more retail customers and as well market through influencers! Affiliatics platform also helps brands to launch online and as well offline (retail) campaigns to promote new product offering and schemes directly to retailers. Brands get advanced analytics and insights on campaign performance like – clicks, impressions, sales and retailer performance. Influencers and retailers get to detailed analytics on their sales, commissions, recommended products to promote and more.

Challenges with growth for eCommerce and the D2C brands

With each passing day, eCommerce is growing big across India at a pace of 25% CAGR and it is fuelled further with the penetration of smart phones and cheaper mobile internet access. As per IBEF research, this growth accounts merely for 9-10% of USD 1.5 Trillion in Indian Retail Market. Post pandemic most of the top consumer brands suffered losses because of slump in retail/online sales and most significantly due to their dependency on sellers like Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM etc. After suffering huge losses, these brands are now focusing to build their own ‘online distribution channel’ so that they could reach Directly to Customer (D2C) across the country. The easiest last mile delivery and building a shopping portal in few clicks has promoted the D2C rush which results in hundreds of eCommerce portals in market.

Though building online portal and logistics handling is been made easy but it takes time, financial resources with skilled digital marketing strategies to build brand presence among the crowded online and social media platforms to ultimately reach the targeted customers. Expensive online search and social media Ads makes it difficult for D2C brands having limited budget to compete in the market. Moreover, it does not assures guaranteed conversion because of majority search, which involves 6 inch mobile phone screen, has already occupied first page ranking and top search results with Ads from big players.  So, it makes very difficult for such D2C Brands to rank organically.

Keeping the above challenges in mind, one can think whether the brands could be able to market their D2C channel to target customers in a quickest and cheapest way? What will be the next phase of growth for multiple E-commerce businesses and whether they can tap into the leftover 90% of retail market customer base? Yes, is the answer from Prabhu Stavarmath, founder and CEO of Affiliatics – a made in India, omni-channel O2O SaaS marketing platform connecting eCommerce companies, retailers and influencers on a single platform. With Affiliatics, the brands can reach to their target customers with zero marketing budgets through its retail network and influencers.

Affiliatics Assisted Commerce Platform – Connecting E-commerce to Retail

Though the affiliate marketing had been around since early days of retail and eCommerce but the true game changer and differentiation is now with Affiliatics platform. It seamlessly brings eCommerce, retailers and social influencers at single platform and enables brands to launch an omni-channel global marketing campaigns across its online and retail stores at scale. This initiative will surely helps in boosting online and retail sales through retailer network on Affiliatics platform. Retailers can connect to multiple eCommerce portals and order products for their walk in customers. Consumers would surely felt happy as they still can buy from their trusted retailer, retailer is happy as he would get commission on every product, the eCommerce business would also be happy as their sale will surely goes up due to retail orders. The retail stores and influencers can track the link clicks, conversions and commission payouts for each sale automatically through a single dashboard across the eCommerce/D2C brands they are promoting. Advanced analytics helps the brand to identify highest performing campaigns with detailed demographics of conversions. Affiliatics platform is a market place which connects eCommerce to retail stores brining the next phase of growth to eCommerce businesses. Affiliatics tied up with global payment gateways to ensure automated payouts to affiliates and influencers from any part of the world.

Software Eating the World: Global SaaS Opportunity for Affiliate Marketers

Global SaaS market will be USD 400 Billion by 2025 and Indian SaaS companies will be contributing $13 to $15 billion as per NASSCOM report. India currently hub of 1000+ SaaS companies out of which 150+ of them are generating Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of more than $1 million! Affiliatics is rightly positioned to connect the Global SaaS Market opportunity to millions of Indian affiliates, influencers and content creators. Affiliatics has partnered with SaaS accelerators and incubators to connect 300+ SaaS businesses to affiliates and influencers for content marketing and product promotions.