Anytime Fitness Redefines Tagline To Let’s Make Healthy Happen, as Indians Increase Focus on Health and Well-Being Amidst the Pandemic

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Anytime Fitness launches a new tagline ‘Let’s Make Healthy Happen’, as India witnesses a new focus on general well being amidst changes in order of business and transactions around us. A mobile app enabling health regimes will soon follow suit.
Still reeling under the fear of the pandemic and trying to keep themselves and the loved ones safe, Indians are seen discussing and implementing newer ways to staying fit. Increasing one’s immunity and general health was never discussed as frequently and passionately as it is now. India seeks to improve the health of its communities and Anytime Fitness leverages its expertise to facilitate this positive change.
Anytime Fitness believes that an individual needs to have tools in his hand to be able to work out wherever they are with whatever equipment they have. As the brand evolves its ideology from convenience to coaching, it helps empower everyone into practicing health regimes. The individuals have a lot to gain from the coaching sessions conducted by fitness experts of Anytime Fitness. From the teenagers to the young, adults and senior citizens, a healthier regime is beneficial to one and all. Whether a beginner, a gym goer or a fitness enthusiast, everyone gains with this enhanced focus on health.
The variety of programs and sessions allow for a Healthier India, thus Anytime Fitness encourages the Corporate firms to be a part of this initiative and empower employees and their families to stay healthy, thus allowing for more productivity at the work place and lesser absences from work. A live session allows the trainer and trainee to interact freely. An online calendar and individual routine allows for ease of use and convenience for all, getting a variety of sessions without having to leave the comfort of their homes.
Vikas Jain, the Managing Director of anytime Fitness says, “We have been a brand known to offer convenience to our members to join the facility – 24/7 accesses, Global Reciprocity, Private Washrooms, Safe and Secure facility etc.During this Pandemic when the entire nation is suffering and the only way to survive is to build immunity, make oneself fit and healthy, we thought that this is the best time to change gears.Healthy doesn’t happen only in the gym, it happens from the time we get up in the morning and the time we sleep. It happens not only in the gym, but wherever you are, be it inside your homes or outdoors. With the low fitness penetration of less than 1% and the absence of Fitness Education in the Academic Education people need a lot of help, coaching and motivation not only to get started but to make fitness a part of lifestyle. We believe that Healthy happens when your goals are our goals! Healthy happens when we support your journey!”
Vishal Kwatra Director Anytime fitness, “It’s not just a change of tagline, from ‘Get to a Healthier Place’ to ‘Let’s Make Healthy Happen’, but an entire mindset shift from convenience to coaching. Being a coaching brand and being able to connect with your members is what we are looking at. . We have already seen a steep jump in online fitness programs launched at the start of Pandemic and this app is bound to add convenience and value to millions of Indians. We believe that fitness is a necessity hence we have made it easier for a prospect to join us by lowering the entry barriers. We are also introducing a subscription based membership model where a member has a convenience to pay for gym membership on a monthly basis.”
Anytime Fitness, going ahead, will soon launch a comprehensive mobile application, offering a completely different experience for members and subscribers to enable and continue health regimes. Whether a person is new to workouts, or a fitness pro, the app provides them a variety of training options, guidance and support to help them to stay on track and reach their goal with the help of a fitness coaches, who are experts in the regime of fitness and diets. Tracking and guiding at the right time and in the ways the individual wants it, be it virtually or at the gym, the App is a one point solution for managing and enhancing one’s fitness. The motivation and tracking, of course, is facilitated by fitness experts. The convenience of operating this online via a mobile app allows people of all ages and in any location to enrol and take advantage of this powerful offering.
Anytime Fitness, the leading chain of Gyms in India, with nearly 100 centres Pan India, was quick to listen to what the audience were seeking in these trying times of Covid-19 pandemic. There is so much happening around in terms of how to boost immunity. Understanding that regular exercise and diet helps in building immunity, Anytime Fitness is of the firm opinion that more and more Indians are striving to stay fit, but are struggling with the right resources to facilitate the same. To help the nation fight the Corona Virus and build immunity, and after the success of online fitness classes, Anytime Fitness will be soon launching this new mobile app to help beginners, fitness enthusiasts and regular gym goers, to help them stay healthy, while engaging in live training sessions and guidance under expert trainers.
As the internet reach grows and expands into the rural areas, the new approach to health regimes to help achieve fitness goals without having to travel and still having the option of custom classes to stay fit, while being trained by fitness experts live in online sessions will surely help millions of citizens. It is time to maximise the use of technology to embrace fitness for the citizens. A range of sessions ensure there is something for everyone’s likes and preferences.
For 12 consecutive years, Anytime Fitness has been the fastest-growing gym franchise in the world, averaging 300 new gyms per year while serving over 4,000,000 members at nearly 4500 gyms covering all seven continents. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Anytime Fitness prides itself on providing its members with convenient fitness options and friendly, personal service in well-maintained facilities which feature top-quality exercise equipment. Anytime Fitness gyms are now open in nearly 40 countries. All franchised gyms are individually owned and operated. Join one gym and use them all. Anytime Fitness operates nearly 100 gyms in India, with 35 more at the verge of opening their doors, with each club having staff strength of over 20, including general trainers, personal trainers and support staff, is India’s premier gym chain and has served over 2.5 lakh members and is growing by the day. Anytime Fitness is empowering individuals to achieve personal health goals while utilizing technology for maximizing health among Indians.
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