Ayusmat Runs You Through Therapeutic Detox, The “Miracle Medicine”

Business Wire IndiaAs the seasons shift, we’re abundantly inspired, more than ever, to decontaminate our body and help it rejuvenate and to get into the spirit of Detoxification. At present, when health is the commanding priority and retaining a high immunity is the end goal, a therapeutic retreat at Ayusmat might just be the path leading to your health aspirations. 
Ayusmat is a family-driven Hospitality by Dr. Satheesh Babu BNYS (Medical Director) and Dr. Aparna Satheesh BNYS (Chief Medical Officer) with a customised approach and personalised care. Simply put, Ayusmat is an effort to correct the modern lifestyle. Ayusmat aims to provide a compositional treatment by integrating time-tested and natural medicine systems like Naturopathy and Yoga. The actual home away from home experience with a therapeutic retreat for your individual health needs.

But first, what even is therapeutic fasting, other than just a popular buzzword? Dr. Aparna Satheesh, Chief Medical Officer at Ayusmat Naturopathy & Yoga Hospital, walks us through a complete therapeutic fasting process. 
“Often, the best means of attaining the restoration of health is through therapeutic fasting, as it allows the body to produce a unique physiological healing response that is unmatched. Therapeutic fasting is defined as the complete avoidance of all substances except pure water in an environment of rest. When the body is provided with health requisites, including a proper diet, environment, activity, and psychology, optimum health can be preserved. If these requirements are not adequately fulfilled, undoubtedly, our health will be compromised,” expresses Dr. Aparna. 
The concept of cleansing and purification of your body has been around for centuries now. Some ancient detoxification techniques are still in practice today, including fasting, saunas, dry brush, rebounding, herbs, water, rest, meditation, and exercises.
We have heard about holistic health options. People tend to see it as a modern trend instead of shifting from a cultural perspective. However, even with the modern therapeutic fasting techniques, the more they shift towards holistic and natural healthcare, the more they fall back towards classical practices. Therapeutic fasting will alleviate your physical health and facilitate better concentration levels. But why do you need it in the first place? 
According to Dr. Aparna, “our bodies are exceptional in their ability to adapt, effortlessly regulating vital functions— from temperature to heart rate— and constantly working to repair, cleanse and rejuvenate. However, we often take for granted how the body naturally detoxifies itself, from not only the typical by-products of cellular reactions but also the potentially detrimental substances and pathogens we inevitably encounter in our circadian lives.”  

She proceeds, “just as our house furniture gathers dust and dirt, so does our body. The dust and dirt referred to here are the environmental toxins and chemicals you encounter every day. A toxin is a chemical or poison that is known to have deteriorating effects on our bodies. Toxins exist and in nearly everything. In our day-to-day life, knowingly or unknowingly, we are exposed to many of those. We use soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, just about anything, which is full of toxins, and even the toothpaste that contains fluoride- another powerful toxin.” We live in a world full of toxins. 

At times, our bodies get overloaded by toxins, and our detox organs— the liver, kidneys, lungs, gut, and skin, which we rely on for maintaining our health, strike out of balance. When this happens, we often experience significant symptoms that occur from the body trying to correct itself. 
Along with this, the influence of high carbohydrate intake, consuming refined oil instead of pure ghee, excess sugar, and excess junk food have significantly contributed to deteriorating our health. All these habits ultimately cause a lot of imbalance in our bodies.
Without a doubt, our lifestyle has seen a 360-degree paradigm shift compared to the earlier generation. This is why Dr. Aparna also emphasizes autophagy, a natural recycling mechanism within our cellular level. Autophagy modulation is a potential therapeutic target for several diseases, including metabolic conditions, neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, and infectious diseases. Depending on the individual’s metabolism, autophagy may take two to four days of fasting. It is believed to begin when glucose and insulin levels drop considerably.
“Much of the information expressed above needs to become a natural approach to our pursuit of health as it can have an impact on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in our country and the world at large. I encourage people to detoxify their body and reclaim their health,” elucidates Dr. Aparna Satheesh on the need for the proper knowledge circulating the stigma of therapeutic fasting.