Bootstrapped Venture Headsup B2B Zooms from 5 Cr to 43 Cr in Its Second Year of Operations, and Aims to Cross 250 Cr in FY25, Looking to Raise 30 Cr from Strategic Investors

Business Wire IndiaHeadsup B2B’s story is rooted in the Factory to Site method, the company’s hands-on approach, active listening to the clients, and continuous refinement of offerings. Over two years, Headsup B2B has achieved a 760% revenue growth, from 5 crores to 43 crores.

Headsup B2B journey began by addressing the tedious process of sourcing construction materials. The company connected B2B clients with dependable suppliers, offering essential materials like Structural Steel, Safety Products, building improvement products and sustainable products at competitive prices. This saved our clients valuable time and resources while providing crucial market insights.

As client needs to be evolved, Headsup B2B expanded to offer comprehensive procurement solutions including logistical support for seamless material delivery. This one-stop-shop approach fostered stronger client relationships and addressed critical industry pain points.

The vision extends beyond construction and infrastructure space. Headsup B2B is actively building a comprehensive network of vendors, suppliers, and B2B clients across various industries. This collaborative ecosystem will streamline information exchange, expedite procurement processes, and optimise inventory management for all parties involved. Ultimately, Headsup B2B aims to become a one-stop shop for Businesses and sectors who are fueling India’s growth story.

At Headsup B2B, the journey has only just begun. Headsup B2B is dedicated to shaping the future of material procurement, advancing industry standards, and delivering unparalleled value to our clients and partners. Join Headsup B2B as they continue to rewrite the narrative of B2B success, one client-centric innovation at a time. Visit the company at Headsup B2B to learn more.

Sumit K, Founder of Headsup B2B said, “To fuel growth and expand into new categories and geographies, Headsup B2B is looking to raise 30 Cr from strategic investors who want to build a revolutionary venture in B2B Space.”