British Paints Says Nayi Umeedon Ke Rang Gungunaye with Their New Campaigns, Products, and Partner Empowerment Programs

Business Wire IndiaThe year 2021 led the way for new hopes and aspirations. British Paints as a brand has always been much ahead in the race with innovative campaigns, consumer-centric products, and various social or partner empowerment programs that beams the much-required positivity and hope. It establishes a better version of everything. With the launch of many new products in the range of decorative and industrial coatings, the brand marked the standard high while meeting consumer’s hopes & aspirations. Recent times taught us that home is the ultimate protector, and British Paints as a brand left no stone unturned to give 100% protection to the real protector, i.e., the home.
One’s aspirations to have the best living space that resembles their true self can never go under any lockdown. British Paints made sure that people’s hopes in terms of best product quality and variety to meet each requirement never comes to a standstill. The brand worked wonders by the value addition in the existing range of beautiful paint products. With the intention of spreading the message of positivity and assurance, British Paints came up with the campaign Nayi Umeedon Ke Rang Gungunaye that reciprocates the idea of hope and better tomorrow. This campaign, like other previous campaigns of the brand, is the continuation of the brand communication Rang Gungunaye and beautifully connects the brand with a sense of fresh aspirations. The pandemic forced every one of us to take refuge in the safety of our homes. It not only changed the mindset but also habits while celebrating and embracing our living space. This campaign by British Paints is all about that.
British Paints wide range of offerings features the best-in-class products. Some of the star products have been Expa Floor Coat, Glamour Anti Stain, Shingar All Rounder, Glo Advanced Enamel, and British Advanced High Sheen. Most of them have been enhanced and presented in the market with newly developed and advanced features. Looking into the current scenario safety being the utmost priority the brand is extra conscious for consumers and their home’s safety.
British Advanced High Sheen’s rose fragrance property makes the house essence fresh always. Glamour Anti Stain’s high stain resistance property leaves one out of the worries by giving them ever shining and clean walls. Thus, it’s time to start afresh with bright colours and let these advancements be the ones that fulfil hopes and aspirations, because British Paints Ke Sang Nayi Umeedon Ke Rang Gungunaye, says the brand.
Another product that British Paints newly launched is the Expa Floor Coat that has been taking the market by storm. Similar products from competing brands have been available in the market for quite some time now. But Expa Floor Coat indeed brings out a new level of performance in this segment. Just like the campaign Nayi Umeedon Ke Rang Gungunaye, the brand has ignited new hopes and aspirations in the floor coating segment as well. This new product comes with some unique properties such as Water & Scrub Resistance, Anti-Algae/Anti-Fungal, Durable Performance, Special Silicon Protection, etc. 
Apart from the products, both old and new, British Paints has also been actively running campaigns and programs to provide the maximum support to its partners in order to enable them to cope up with the Covid situation. One such Partner Empowerment Programs run through the British Paints app called Rangon Ka Sartaj 4.0 which was directed actively to uplift and help the painters with as much monetary support as possible. With this program, painters who procured British Paints products via dealers were given points which they can redeem for cashback. Since the initiative was commenced, thousands of painters have registered in the program. The brand overwhelmingly disbursed around lakhs through direct bank transfer to support the registered painters.
British Paints, a brand with a legacy that spans over a century, is one of the renowned brands of this nation that can be found in every nook and cranny of this country. Owing to the enormity of the brand stature, British Paints itself has a sense of responsibility towards the people who are related to it in one way or the other. Upholding this responsibility and standing up to the expectations of the people, partners, customers, dealers, painters, employees, etc. is something that British Paints take very seriously and this campaign is exactly what ties all these efforts with one string.