Changa App Is Set to Be the Next Choice for Indian Influencers After the Ban on Snack Video

Business Wire IndiaIn yet another shocking incident, a ban was imposed on Snack Video. The video creation app was able to register 35 Million downloads in India within just a few days of its launch and had outperformed a lot of its competitors. A lot of people already saw that coming as bans were imposed on Chinese apps time and again in recent months and a lot of Indian good players have emerged in the market including the Changa app. When TikTok got banned, Changa became an immediate life saviour that brought about unique features like TikTok integration, WhatsApp story feature, and whatnot to the users. It is now being anticipated as to what Changa will bring to the table after the Snack video has left the market and how interesting things can get.
Of course, the majority of the focus has been shifted to all of the “Made in India” apps and how we can secure the user data without really compromising the personal details. People showed mixed responses after the TikTok ban but were soon flooded with a lot of its alternatives that were made in India like MX Takatak, Moj, Changa, Josh and many more. Out of these, only a few were able to see the light of the day. 
Changa is one such application that has been winning the hearts of the young talents. Currently, topping the charts and being considered as the top alternative for TikTok, Changa is all set to welcome users from all the different platforms. With its great features and usability, Changa has never failed to woo its customers and unlike Snack and TikTok, it is also made in India making it more loved by the audience. Considering this situation, a lot of popular TikTok & Snack Video influencers have joined the Changa app. The app has a strong 5 Million user base and is constantly growing to become the most trustworthy application.
With all of its new updates, it sees a new range of audiences signing up that loves to make creative videos on the application. After its successful TikTok feature that lets you import your TikTok videos and even get verified if you had 100K followers, the app gained popularity and also gained some loyal user base. It recently launched a WhatsApp story feature that allows users to make videos of their birthday celebrations, parties, and other events and post it directly on WhatsApp status for their friends and family to view conveniently. Some of the features were not seen in the Chinese apps, which makes the application even more special.
The Changa app really outdid itself by recently introducing the ‘verify badge’ feature. Who doesn’t want to have a verified account? It boosts your motivation and encourages you to make even more videos. In this digital world, having a verified account means a lot as it directly shows the result of your hard work. Even TikTok boasted about the verified accounts and influencers would go to the ends of the world to get verified. Now, the Changa app has been targeting the right features and is properly aligning with the needs and requirements of the audience.