ClinicSpots Lists the Most Reliable and Affordable Hair Transplant Treatments in Mumbai

Business Wire IndiaModern hair transplant procedures have made it possible to regain hair on the scalp with minimum risks and side effects. Moreover, a qualified board-certified dermatologist performs these treatments with extra care practices in place for highest safety of the patients.

There are many healthcare portals such as Practo, Lybrate, ClinicSpots that offer an extensive listing of hair transplant in Mumbai and even Navi Mumbai. It is advisable to check out these listing and approach an experienced board-certified surgeon with a good star rating and positive testimonials before proceeding with the hair transplant procedure.

‘Today, hair transplant practices are safe and promise speedy recovery from the procedures says Dr Shankar Sawant, pioneer of hair transplant in Mumbai and a hair restoration expert with nearly 17 years of experience.

Dr Shankar Sawant is the founder of the Rejoice Clinic, Mumbai, which offers more than ten hair transplant procedures depending upon customer’s requirement and budget. He also performs ‘Advanced FUE’ or BioFUE, a highly specialized procedure that promises best results and dense hair growth.

How necessary is hair transplant?

These days, almost everyone is facing hair issues, mostly the young and the middle age generation. Every individual is living a life of pressure – be it peer pressure, performance pressure, image pressure leading to reduced hair growth, receding hairlines, balding, hair loss and so on. The growth of the hair depends mostly on the genes, the lifestyle, which includes work-life balance, food habits and stress levels of the individual.

Hair transplant and hair restoration are the best ways to save an existing hair condition and have new hair too. These medically safe procedures encourage new growth of natural hair which matches with the person’s earlier hair and look. Generally, people in the age group of early 20s years to late 50s years can give serious thought or attempt hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant and Cost Factor

The cost of the treatment depends upon the doctor’s suggestion regarding the number of hair grafts and the type of hair transplant procedure to be performed at the consent of the individual. Initially, one may find the cost a little on the higher side, but considering it as a once in a lifetime investment, the cost is quite reasonable and affordable too. In general, one can expect to spend Rs. 30,000 onwards to have thick and natural-looking hair.

There are 3 – 4 types of hair transplant procedures viz. FUT, FUE, Bio-FUE and Bio Synthetic procedures. At times, the surgeon may propose a Platelet-rich plasma therapy for strengthening the hair grafts before implanting them in the scalp for better and dense hair growth.

Hair Transplant procedure

The hair transplant surgeon will remove hair grafts from dense growth areas the body and implant them on bald spots of one’s head. In a matter of a few months, there will be new hair growth in these areas. In FUE transplant, individual hair follicles are extracted and transplanted in the bald area.

On similar lines, Dr. Audumbar Borgaonkar of Areeva Clinic, Navi Mumbai states, ‘FUE hair transplant is the most affordable hair transplant treatment with promising results. With modern FUE hair transplant procedure, my patients have been delighted and happy with their new hair and improved image.’

Dr Audumbar Borgaonkar relates to the testimonials of most of his young clients who have regained their confidence and image after FUE hair transplant procedures. Many of them relate to having getting married or getting promoted at their workplace after the hair transplant procedure.

Also, the patients have to bear in mind that the full and best results of hair transplant are visible post 6 – 12 months after the procedures. So, they follow the after procedure guidelines as suggested by their surgeon and patiently wait for the desired hair growth and image.