CTC Global Opens ACCC® Core Production Facility in Pune, India

Business Wire India

CTC Global is pleased to announce the grand opening of its fifth ACCC® Conductor Core manufacturing facility – located in Pune, India. CTC Global selected Pune, India for its newest location to support India’s drive to expand the capacity and improve the efficiency of its power grid.


CTC Global’s CEO, Mr. J.D. Sitton said, “India is the world’s third largest producer and consumer of electricity, and it has an ambitious program to expand access to electricity and to ensure it is generated from renewable sources. CTC Global has a long history of working with Indian utilities to accomplish these objectives. CTC Global’s new facility in Pune will enable CTC and its partners to do even more of this important work.” Mr. Sitton added, “India’s power grid is increasingly a source of pride for India. CTC’s Pune facility will ensure that the advanced conductors used on the grid are increasingly Made in India.”


The new facility will supplement CTC Global’s four other core manufacturing facilities operating in the United States, China, Indonesia, and Paraguay. CTC Global selected Pune because it is a key manufacturing hub in India with excellent transportation links to ports and to markets across India. Pune also has a large, well-educated workforce and its industrial development parks are world-class.


More than 300 utilities worldwide have selected the ACCC® Conductor to increase the capacity of their existing electric systems via reconductoring to link new renewable generation assets and support load growth including data centers, and other high demand applications – without the need to rebuild or replace existing structures. The ACCC® Conductor’s reduced thermal sag improves safety and reliability and reduces wildfire risks. Its proven ability to reduce electrical line losses by 25 to 40% or more reduces fuel consumption and associated GHG / CO2 emissions while also freeing up wasted generation assets – making it the most in-demand and highly proven conductor for major utilities, government entities, and project financiers that share sustainability goals.


Hitesh Mundhada, CTC Global’s Vice President, South Asia added: “CTC’s new core production facility in Pune will better support our Indian utility customers and our outstanding ACCC® Manufacturing Partners, Apar Industries, Sterlite Power, Gupta Power, and JSK Industries who have already delivered over 20,000 kilometers of ACCC® Conductors to major utilities in 23 Indian States and 2 territories.”


About CTC Global:


CTC Global is the privately held power grid solutions company whose flagship product, ACCC® Conductor is the leading high performance, high voltage power line solution used by utility companies around the world to expand access to and to debottleneck their grids. ACCC® Conductors have been selected for over 1,300 projects by more than 300 utilities in 66 countries and are credited with cumulatively reducing over 22 million metric tons of line-loss related CO2 emissions. CTC Global is headquartered in Irvine, California. Visit www.ctcglobal.com