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Business Wire IndiaEvincepub Publishing House is much like a baby, putting its delicate steps, slowly but steadily in this massive world of publishing. After a substantial grind of 5 years heading the creative aisles of one of the leading publishers & distributors of India, Vikas Thakur and Vikram Thakur decided to start their own Publishing house with an offbeat strategy. Founded in the year 2017, established in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, Evincepub Publishing (www.evincepub.com), a book publisher in India, is definitely new but not naïve. They believe that a publisher must be like a funnel to supply good books, that too in such a way that every common human develops a passion for reading. The market is overcrowded with books and thereby so too with self-publishing companies, making it a real struggle for a new voice to find an appropriate publisher.
Evincepub does not proclaim to be the producers of only bestsellers or to be the leading book publisher in this country. Nevertheless, it has brought to life some unique storylines and promising new authors in this short span of three years. More than 3000 titles are published under EP banner and with more than a hundred unique works racing as the top-sellers in various online portals and physical bookstores; this book publishing platform has made a mark in the world of literature and helping author to publish their books. Under the tactical guidance of Pavan Devangan and Jai Kumar, the creative team has managed to secure some of the bestselling/ award winning authors like Arvind Narasima, S.S. Gaur, Sri. Chinnamatur.
It should be the story that compels a person to read and not just the name of a famous author. That’s what Evincepub believes in and has been striving hard to make new voices heard. There is a constant lookout for fresh stories, a never-tried-before genre and of course for those works which possess a distinct narrative. Unlike established book publishers in India, Evincepub is here to take risks, for none actually knows what a reader is looking for. The team has all the answers to ‘how to publish a book?’ Classics have their own charm, but in the pandemonium of the 21st century, Evincepub has managed to create some close to heart and some realistic tales that have never been tried before. In short, it is more like a quest for Manto kind of writers.
With English overpowering our regional languages, Evincepub is one of the leading publishers who has encouraged Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu literature and has taken them into a wider Diaspora.
The team is young, dynamic and never shirking away from trying anything new. Evincepub publishes books worldwide with panache. The existing team has been recently added with established editors and ghostwriters in the market; Akhila Saroha and Atrayee Bhattacharya. The team of editors, beta readers, and cover designers work hand in hand to get you the book’s best fitting look. As the saying goes, every good thing comes at a good price, so does the book publishing services of Evincepub. The books published under Evincepub are produced with a soothing tone of print and papers, thus not belittling the author’s valuable work by selling a good book for a pittance.
In 2021, the Thakur brothers have set an ambitious target to expand and collaborate with various distributors and physical bookstores all around the nation. The team is looking to work with literary agents and newspapers/magazines to promote their books on a wider platform. Evincepub is looking forward to this new start for their traditional publishing.

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