Exergen Launches All-New, Cost Effective, TAT-2000 Temporal Artery Thermometer During Medical Fair

Business Wire IndiaThe all-new TAT-2000 Temporal Artery Thermometer from Exergen Corporation, a leading provider of infrared temperature measurement for medical applications, will be introduced at Medical Fair, which takes place in Mumbai, India, from May 20-22.
The TAT-2000 is Exergen’s newest Temporal Artery Thermometer. The TAT-2000 is highly accurate and easy to use by medical professionals in schools, nursing homes, home care, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.
Please visit Exergen’s booth (N26) and Bird Meditech’s booth (N28) to learn more about the TAT-2000. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor, please contact Dr. Pushpa Goyal and or Ellen Minkels at Exergen’s booth (N26). 
Changing the Way the World Takes Temperature
According to Dr. Francesco Pompei, founder and CEO of Exergen Corporation, “Exergen’s mission is to change the way the world takes temperature. One thing we have all learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that it’s imperative that medical professionals are able to fast and accurately measure a patient’s body temperature. The all-new TAT-2000 measures the temperature of the blood in the temporal artery on the forehead very accurately. We also considered ease of use in the design of the TAT-2000. An ear thermometer or rectal thermometer often takes too long to take a patient’s temperature because it may intimidate the patient or require the patient to undress or move. When using the TAT-2000 it takes just 3-5 seconds to measure a patient’s temperature, greatly improving productivity in a hospital or healthcare facility.”
Accurate and very easy to use
The TAT-2000 comes with a number of very interesting advantages:

  • highly accurate, because the TAT-2000 measures the temperature of the blood in the temporal artery on the forehead, so very close to the heart
  • very easy of use; all it takes to perform a perfect measurement is a gentle swipe with the TAT-2000 across the forehead
  • non-invasive, because the TAT-2000 measures the temperature of the blood in the temporal artery on the forehead
  • very fast measurements; performing a measurement takes just 3-5 seconds
  • very cost effective
  • very robust; the housing of the TAT-2000 is made of an internally developed Superplastic
  • industrial quality and a 7-year warranty

Supported by more than 100 peer-reviewed clinical studies
“The new TAT-2000 is based on a technology that is highly innovative,” says Dr. Marybeth Pompei, Exergen’s Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer. “We have developed an infrared technology and special algorithms to compensate for any ambient influences on a measurement, making the TAT-2000 not only very easy to use, but also extremely accurate, as has been confirmed in over 100 peer-reviewed clinical studies.”

Using a virtual classroom and other training materials, Exergen provides online training and support to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals worldwide.