Experience the Joy of Rain in Your Bathroom

Business Wire IndiaImagine the leaves trembling in the breeze, serene sea in sunset and mesmerising luminous galaxies as you step into your bathroom and turn on your shower. Wouldn’t it be a flabbergasting experience? Certainly, this experience is not an illusion now as the Luxury Shower solutions by Häfele can transform your bathroom into an “escape haven” a place where you can rejuvenate your soul and let your hair down after a long exhausting day.

With the festive season approaching, there is a rush to maintain sanity and vanity together. So much is in the bucket list from home decor to new advanced kitchen set ups. Generally, the idea of home decor comes up with perfect interior and spiffy furniture in your living area and cozy palatial bedrooms. Now it is the time to give an exotic touch to the bathroom and soar high with refreshing vibes and tranquility with Häfele.

After a tough day at work it is an ultimate luxury to have a refreshing shower in an upgraded bathroom. While ongoing pandemic leads one to stay at home as much as possible, work from home is also a new normal. A perfect shower will add to the energy and refreshing joy one may need to be active during this time.

Häfele’s Range of Edelbad Overhead Showers lets you convert your bathroom into a personal rejuvenation centre, making the time spent taking a shower truly worthwhile.

Edelbad’s EMO Chromotherapy Head Shower will wash your stress away with running water. One of the unique features is integrated panel touch and multi-functional operations with light and sound control. Moreover, it is anti-corrosion and deterioration albeit with excessive use of water. 

The three spray options (including Laminar, soft and rain shower mode); Edelbad’s EMO Head Shower by Häfele has a number of spray innovations. From a soothing massage pattern to a tension relieving jet spray to a tropical waterfall pattern. Choose as per your mood and rejoice for a perfect rejuvenation time spent in your bathroom. The peculiar and aesthetic look of the shower is a paragon of intelligent innovation to make life better. The adroit designs and enigmatic functioning will make you adore your time spent in shower. 

Along with a panoramic LED panel one can enjoy EMO’s panoramic LED with an animated system to depict an array of themes that reflect natural phenomenon and environment more vividly, thus instantly transporting you to a place of unrivalled inspiration. Besides, it makes your bathing experience truly therapeutic and heavenly.